Ashlee Casserly Married, Husband – Justin Stamper (Zombie House Flipping) Age

Ashlee Casserly Married, Husband - Justin Stamper (Zombie House Flipping) Age

Celebrities. Why don’t they share about their love and relationship? Some of them keep it so secret and never open up about it. Why not share, if you really are in love or married? Some celebs even keep their married life secret.

We don’t know why they do so but it makes and creates wrong information in media when they appear with someone. Because there will be rumors about them just for appearing together. Why not say about relations and clear all those false information?

Likewise, the cast of Zombie House Flipping, Ashlee Casserly and Justin Stamper relationship is very confusing. Actually, the confirmed information about Ashlee’s relationship with Justin is not available. But, there are rumors about them.

Below are the details of Ashlee Casserly if you want to know more about her

Is Ashlee Casserly Married?

Talking about marital status, Ashlee Casserly has somehow managed to remain a low-key personality regarding her love life and relationship. She has never mentioned anything about her relationship in the media.

But, some of the sources in the media has mentioned that Ashlee is married. However, this information cannot be confirmed due to the lack of proofs.

Ashlee Casserly Husband: Justin Stamper)

As mentioned earlier, Ashlee maintains a very secretive life. She has not even uttered a word in the media about her relationship.

But according to some articles on the internet, Ashlee is in relationship with her co-actor Justin Stamper.

As celebrity doesn’t share their personal information, so it is very hard to say about their relationship. They maintain their life low key and secret. Same is with Ashlee. It is very hard to say anything personal about her.

Anyways, Ashlee and Justin met in the year 2012 working in real estate. But, she got a call from Hollywood, California. Ashlee said “They told me they were looking for people to feature on a show about abandoned homes, called Zombie House Flipping. I thought it was a scam,” So it was not a scam. She filmed her first season in 2015 and second season in early 2017.

Ashlee and Justin work as a team. Ashlee is the Realtor and Justin is the money guy who oversees the budget. Stamper said “When we are not filming, You’ll see our team in our natural roles in life. Ashlee is at our brokerage working with the 11 agents in the brokerage; I’m out looking for a property, Duke is rehabbing his own homes to flip and more.”

So, Ashlee and Justin are a great team together. They might be a good team in their personal life too but we don’t know about that.

It is very confusing to talk about Ashlee and Justin’s relationship as husband & wife. While looking at her Instagram page, most of her posts are with her kids and Justin.

Yeah! she has kids, a daughter, and a son. But she has not mentioned about their father.

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Age, Birthday

Ashlee Casserly’s age is not available on the internet. However, looking at her pictures, she seems to be in her late twenties or early thirties. While Justin Stamper is in his early thirties.

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