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Asa Siegel Wiki (Alaskan Bush People) Age, Boyfriend, Instagram, Parents
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Most of the fans and followers admire the show cast and people who appear on the screen. However, it’s rare someone behind the scene gets a credit. Asa Siegal is one of those.

Most of the people recognize Asa from the Max Payne 3 and Sexchange. Moreover, he is also a part of Discovery ‘s reality series ‘Alaskan Bush People’.

Asa Siegel features in some part of the show. However, he is famous as the narrator in the series. Likewise, he gives sound to characters in video games.

What is so beautiful about Asa’s voice? Here you will know all about his wiki, age, boyfriend, Instagram, Parents and more.

Asa Siegal doesn’t have a wiki page or Instagram account

Despite his role as an actor in a number of video games, movie, and series, he doesn’t own a Wikipedia page. However, he deserves one looking at his versatility as an actor as well as a narrator.

Asa Siegal was a talented actor since his childhood days. Although information about his school is not available, he started acting since his school days.

The actor officially commenced his career in 2003 after being selected as a cast for ‘Sexchange‘. It was a Reality-TV movie about romance and day-to-day activities.

Later, in 2012, he got a role to create a character sound in the famous video game ‘Max Payne 3‘. Max Payne is a crime drama thriller game that features a former cop investing a conflict and problems.

Likewise, he got a part as a narrator in Discovery’s ‘Alaskan Bush People’. He has been part of the show since the first season that aired in 2014.

Asa Siegel Wiki (Alaskan Bush People) Age, Boyfriend, Instagram, Parents

Furthermore, he doesn’t have an Instagram account. Looks like he doesn’t do photos and social media presence.

What is ‘Alaskan Bush People’?


These days reality shows are reaching the height better than expected. Therefore, every popular channels and TV are featuring these types of shows.

Discovery is one of those popular TV channels featuring wildlife and survival. They aired the first season of ‘Alaskan Bush People’ back in 2014.

The TV series is about the real-life but scripted Brown family and their struggles. The entire family has to live in the wilderness of Alaska away from technology and modern influence. However, recently they have moved to the wilderness of Washington.

There are tons of fans and followers of the show. Likewise, the show is still running and recently renewed for the 10th season.

How old is Asa Siegel?

The star has not revealed his date of birth. As a result, there is no factual information regarding his age. However, we do like to play some guessing game.

Asa Siegel Wiki (Alaskan Bush People) Age, Boyfriend, Instagram, Parents

As per the look in his pictures, he seems to be in his late 30s.

Boyfriend and relationships

There is no available information if Asa is straight or gay. Likewise, none of his photos on the web includes an intimate person beside him.

Therefore, we assume Asa is single with no boyfriend or girlfriend.

Asa Siegel parents

He doesn’t appear in interviews so there is almost no information regarding his childhood. Neither is their information about his parents. In fact, he doesn’t opt to share it in public.

However, his Facebook profile gives a tiny bit of information. He is a native from Oakland, California. Likewise, he is recently residing in Brooklyn, New York.