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Ari Jennings – Net Worth, Age, Height and Family Facts
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Having a wonderful family in show business and being known to the world is such a tricky thing. It’s not very hard to go all crazy indulging on riches and the money. Ari Jennings is a star of a reality TV show which features her family and the name of the show is ‘I am Jazz’.

It’s really a sweet deal. Being together with a family and making a show which goes on to become really loved and the only thing stronger than the audience’s appreciation is the love you have for your family. God damn! That’s sweet.

Ari Jennings Net Worth – $200 Thousand

Ari Jennings current net worth is around $ 200k dollars according to some sources online. It’s an amazing thing that Ari has generated such a nice figure as her net worth at such a young age.

But let’s not forget her family who’s helped her to do so. Ari has a wonderful family and their help to create her impressive net worth is understated. But you know as the Italians say: If you can’t trust your family, who can you trust? That line is from ‘Golden Girls’ for you die-hard fans.

Ah! sweet mother supporting her child. The world needs more of these.

Ari Jennings’s Age: 23 years old


Ari was born in Florida. Florida is where old folks are. But Ari is not old. Ari Jennings ages only 23 years old as of 2019.

Ari was born with Capricorn as a birth sign. So all you guys with Capricorn as your zodiac sign, same pinch her through the computer screen. By the way, if you just same pinched her, I suggest medication. You need help! Anyways, do not get irritated with my bad jokes. Now moving on……..

Ari Jennings Height

The harrowing details of how tall she stands is unknown to the world. But all I can say about the way she stands is that she has a pair of legs and balances those feet in a way that holds her upright.

Ari’s sister stands at a height of 5.2 feet and you could make the calculations to determine what kind of genes she might have got but you would require a lot of time, money and energy.

Just eat some noodles and snuggle under the blankets. Her height is doing fine unlike your reading habits.

Ari Jennings Family Facts

  • Her sister is a transgender girl who’s taken the world by storm for being herself unapologetically.
  • Ari is one of the children of Greg and Jeanette Jennings who are known for their LGBT support for a long time. Just look at her mom’s tweet supporting Jazz here.
  • Jennings is an upcoming singer because she apparently has plans for her singing career.
  • Her sister, Jazz was diagnosed with gender dysmorphia at the age of 5. After a few years of strenuous process, everybody including the family accepted her as a transgender girl. She also has done an interview with Barbara Walters. Enjoy it here!

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