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Are Justin Stamper and Ashlee Casserly Married? Reality Show creator and house flipping entrepreneur Justin Stamper is married to the lovely Ashlee Casserly and they share a wonderful time with their two little cats and a golden colored doodle.

Justin had been blessed with immense success but the marriage and the love he now shares with his wife just has made his life even better.

If you want to know things about Justin and her wife, have a look below.

Justin Stamper Wiki

There is no Wikipedia page dedicated to Justin Stamper but there are many considerably trustworthy websites which could be used to get hands-on information about Justin and his life. One of those pages being ‘’.

Justin Stamper was born in Orlando and also raised in Orlando. So, he is an Orlando native in the truest sense. He began his business at 19 years of age when for the first endeavor of his life, he flipped his family’s house and then started buying houses in Central Florida.

In his page, he describes just how fond he is of his dog-Marley. Marley is 7 years old chocolate Labrador and accompanies Justin and gets occasionally in trouble which is normal when you have a dog. Just when you think this man could not be more lovable, you just see a picture of them together and hearts start melting.

Justin Stamper Age – 29 years


Justin Stamper is currently 29 years of age according to some secondary sources on the internet. Although one could question the validity of his age, age is just a number and one should not worry too much about age.

But he is a young entrepreneur handling big business and responsibilities and still has a lot of years left to do the work he’s been doing since reaching the cusp of adulthood.

Justin Stamper Net Worth and Salary of $ 50 Thousand per year

Justin Stamper is a cast member of a reality show ‘Zombie House Flipping’ and we all know after the ‘grand dumbing down of America’ just how much reality shows are famous now.

Maybe he does not deserve this level of hate anyways because some reality TV shows are entertaining. I mean when a serious method actor like Daniel Day-Lewis loves ‘Naked and Afraid’ one could certainly make a case for reality TV.

Justin Stamper reportedly is paid about $50,000 dollars per year on his reality show which is a considerable amount of wealth.

His net worth is not disclosed but an actor and wholesaler is a fine selection of career to be involved in.

So, he must make a ton of money.

Justin Stamper’s Zombie House Flipping

Justin Stamper is in the business of flipping old houses and returning the house to its initial state of glory and all thanks to American thing where they have to make everything sound cool, he is in the business of ‘Zombie House Flipping’.

And as of this tweet, it has been confirmed that he is gonna be back to entertain the audience once again.