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Aoife Wilson Age, How Old :: Iris Journalist Husband, Wiki, Married, Partner and Bio
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Aoife Wilson is a writer and journalist. Her work is mainly centered around the gaming journalism industry.

She has written for various prestigious companies so far including BAFTA and BBC. Her work in tech videos and comic books over the years have been prominent works in the field.

Additionally, she works on her Eurogamer YouTube channel as well. Currently, the channel has more than 500 thousand subscribers. The videos that the channel produce is all gaming videos. Moreover, they post videos on a daily basis.

There have been lots of questions about how her name is properly pronounced. She has an Irish name and hence it has a very difficult pronunciation.

She recently made the pronunciation clear through her Twitter. It is pronounced just like Eva but a little bit of ‘f’ to the ‘v’ according to one of her fans.

Here is some other information about the London based gaming journalist.

Details on Aoife Wilson’s Age, How Old is She?

Aoife Wilson is 33 years of age. She was born on November 23 of 1986. Moreover, she hails from Limerick, Ireland.

Throughout her childhood and youth years, she spent time between the Republic of Ireland as well as Northern Ireland.

Iris Journalist’s Husband


The Irish journalist is a married woman. Aoife Wilson is married to her husband Sebastian Ford. The pair reportedly married in 2019.

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The pair currently live together in London. They don’t have any children from their marriage so far. According to reports, they have a good and stable marriage at present.

Her husband works in the gaming journalism industry as well. He reportedly runs a video production company called DoubleJump.

Aoife Wilson’s Wiki

Aoife Wilson does not have a Wiki page. She grew up in Londonderry in the northern part of Ireland.

She was born to parents Joseph and Alacoque. In addition, she has one brother named Nicholas.

Initially, she planned to study film and television production. She previously attended Steelstown Road Primary school. Later, she went to Oakgrove College.

She also has an undergraduate degree in film and TV production. Furthermore, she received a degree from the University of Westminster.

She has written for multiple companies and publications so far in her career. She has written for TechRadar, Gamespot, BBC, and BAFTA among other publications.

Wilson is active on Instagram. There, she has more than seven thousand followers. She has posted over 35 posts so far.

Her Married Life

Looks like married life is treating Aoife well. She often shares pictures of her husband through her Instagram account.

She shared a picture of their wedding on June 3 of this year. Congratulations poured from her fans around the globe after the news about the wedding was public.

Short Bio of Aoife Wilson

Here is a short Bio about Aoife and her career.

She is a London based writer. People mostly recognize her for her work with the Eurogamer. It is a video game journalism website.

She did not have plans to get into the game journalism field. She has described that she fell into the field over time.

When she is not working as a journalist, she enjoys watching films. Additionally, she has also spoken in favor of LGBT rights. She attends multiple LGBT rallies as well.