Antoine Marchand Gagnon, a young Canadian actor has been part of many popular films like Off, Genesis, My Last Summer, and Milo. He was praised for the character Little Tom in the film Mon dernier ete. 

What is Antoine Marchand Gagnon Age?

A young and talented actor whose age hasn't yet been disclosed has achieved a tremendous amount of fame and popularity. From his social media sites, he looks about the age above 15 to 18. Despite being young age, his work ethic is highly professional. He was featured in IMDb at a very young age and has been acting since 2018. 

Who are Antoine Marchand Gagnon Family?

The information about his family hasn't been revealed. His family does seem to be supportive of his early career choice. Although no information regarding his parents and siblings has been found. The picture of a family found on his Instagram may or may not be his real parents but they do look like a real family.

Does Antoine Marchand Gagnon have a Wikipedia page?

Antonie does not have an official Wikipedia page but with his growing fame and success, he will soon be featured in the wiki too praising his work ethics, professionalism, career growth. He is an inspiration to all the teens as well as grownups to never stop working or trying to better themselves in even the tiniest task as efficiently as possible.

Antoine Marchand Gagnon Instagram and Net worth 

Antoine's Instagram account name is under @antoine_marchand_gagnon. He shares selfies mostly having fun in the set and pictures of his friends. His peers or colleague looks affectionate and fun to be around in the pictures. The working environment and the cast members also appear to be well behaved and helpful. He is followed by nearly 6000 people and has gained a lot of supporters.

Antoine's estimated net worth is assumed to be around $500000 however no reliable sources can confirm it. So we have no idea about his income and many people seem be fixated around his net worth.