Anthony Ortiz – The Voice Girlfriend, Age, Height, Family, Parents, Wiki, Bio

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Anthony Ortiz is a rising American pop singer, recording artist, musician, reality television star, and skateboarder. Signed to SoulLaSoul Records, Anthony promptly grasped the public attention soon after he auditioned for the Season 16 of ‘The Voice’.

In the blind audition, he dazzled the audience and coaches by performing his version of One Direction’s hit ‘What Makes You Beautiful. As soon he sang the hook of the song, Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine turned his chair and Ortiz advanced through the next round.

Is Anthony Ortiz Single? Details on his Affairs and Girlfriend

Since his terrific performance in the blind audition of The Voice, people are actually curious to know more about Anthony Ortiz. But seems like the singer isn’t much interested in discussing his private life in media unlike other singer and has seemingly kept it under wraps.

He made it through the blind audition of Season 16 ‘The Voice’ and now Anthony is all prepared to take on what comes ahead of his dream and secure his place in the competition.

He is so much into the show that Ortiz doesn’t even intend speaking on his private life and relationship on media, unlike other contestants. But being accompanied and cheered by family and friends through backstage, it seems like the singer is till date single enjoying a carefree single life with no stress of breakup and infidelity.

Born in St. Petersburg, Florida and brought up in San Jose, California, Anthony was encouraged to have a career in skateboarding since young. He wasn’t even old enough to walk when Ortiz dad first propelled him on a skateboard.

Following the footsteps of his family members, he started to skateboard and wanted to have a career in the field more than anything. But after his father flung his skateboard, Anthony started to incline towards music and began playing guitar.

He used to often play at the beach in front of sightseer and make a lucrative amount of money in no time. Despite it, he wasn’t contented within and wanted to pursue a professional career in singing. And that’s when Anthony started to play cover songs and tracks before landing a record deal.

How tall is Anthony Ortiz? Details on his Height and Body Measurements

The Voice Season 16 Anthony Ortiz is pretty handsome with endearing looks, impressive personality, and towering height. He is quite attractive with a perfectly carved face, captivating smile, and soothing appearance.

He is known for his outstanding singing prowess with great vocal but Anthony certainly doesn’t fall behind when it comes to looks and style. Pleasantly attractive with ideal facial features and natural charm, the audience finds him delightful to watch be it on-screen or off.

His flawless frame complimented by a clean-shaven face, piercing brown eyes, and imperfectly perfect black hairdo makes Anthony so good-looking that girls are ever ready to woo the singer.

Despite being new in the industry, his style statements and wardrobe choices aren’t unlike any contemporary Hollywood actor. Be it street style looks with sporty jackets and loose-fitting t-shirts or handpicked sleek suit, Anthony does ensure to ooze glamour.

By nature fun-loving and energetic person, he loves skateboarding, hanging out with friends, and traveling. Apart from that, he enjoys his off time playing his guitar as it revitalizes the singer.

How much is Anthony Ortiz Annual Earnings and Salary?

The teenage singer Anthony Ortiz projected net worth and annual earnings hasn’t been disclosed yet. Nevertheless, with a blossoming career in music, he is anticipated to have raked a considerable amount of fortune.

Prior to appearing in the stage of The Voice, Ortiz had earlier tried out his luck in the Season 1 of La Banda which featured Spanish-language singers. In addition, he had also signed with SoulLaSoul Records and dropped a five-song EP titled ‘Unfinished Business’ which might have earned him a hefty amount of cash.