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Anthony Alabi Wife (Family Reunion)? Find His Net Worth Height in his Current Age

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Anthony Alabi is a former American football offensive tackle. Well, that just means he used to play football, nothing more. Apparently, you might have heard about him somewhere if you are a fan of American football.

During his lifetime, Alabi has played football for several popular teams. However, that’s not all he has been doing.

So, the thing is that Alabi has been acting since 2010. Most recently he was seen in a prominent role in the Netflix series Family Reunion.

Now, before getting into important matters, let’s just have a quick intro of Anthony Alabi.


As we already discussed, Alabi is a former American football player. Apart from that, he is also active in the entertainment industry as an actor. In addition, he is also a writer and producer.

In fact, he has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows as of this date. Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday (2016), Monogamish (2013) and In the dark (2013)  are some of the movies that he has worked on.

Similarly, he has also worked in popular TV Series like  Family Reunion (2019), Dimension 404 (2017)  and  Diva Diaries.

These are some basic info about Anthony. However, if you want to know more about his footballing and acting career, you can refer to his Wikipedia and IMDB profiles respectively.

Wife (Family Reunion)


Did you watch the first season of the Netflix show Family Reunion? Well, I hope that you watched it. And again, that is if you are a fan of a sitcom.

Coming to the topic, Anthony plays the role of Moz McKellan. In the series, Moz is a family man and a father of four children.

But who plays the character of Moz’s wife? Well, the answer is Tia Mowry. In the sitcom, Mowry plays the character of Cocoa McKellan, who is the wife of Moz McKellan.

Now, if you are a fan of family sitcoms, then the name Tia Mowry might be familiar to you. That is because she has appeared in a number of sitcoms like Sister, Sister, The Game and recently in Instant Moms. In addition, her role in the Christmas classic The Mistle-Tones can’t be overlooked.

That is about the relationship of Anthony Alabi in the TV Screen However, we do not have information about his wife or girlfriend in his real life.

Age: 38 years

According to the information available on a source, Alabi was born on February 16, 1981. From that, we can deduce his age to be 38 years.

Additionally, his birthplace is mentioned as San Antonio, Texas in the United States.

Net Worth

We do not possess official information about the net worths and earnings of the footballer turned actor. These things are still under review.

However several sites have made their own assumptions regarding his net worth. We have taken the information from a source which has estimated his net worth in 2019 to be around $100K – $1M USD.