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Annie Perks Age (Ben Shephard Wife) Net Worth, Children, Family, Age, Wiki
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Annie Perks is popularly known for being the wife of famous English TV presenter Ben Shephard. The two have been married for 15 years now and are still going strong. The key to their successful marriage is the care and understanding they have for each other.

Recently when Strictly Come Dancing, a British dancing reality show offered Ben a place, he rejected it so that he could make his wife happy. According to reports, Ben has revealed that his wife, Annie did not want him to do the show.

Annie is not as popular as her husband. Or Say, she has stayed away from the spotlight until now. although her husband is a TV personality and stays in the eyes of the media and camera most of the time, Annie and her family have by far saved themselves from media attention.

How old is Annie Perks’s Age?

Annie certainly must be in her early-40s. However, her exact age and date of birth are not available on the internet. But according to her husband’s Instagram post, she was born in August.

Annie Perks’s husband Ben is 44 years old and was born on 11 December 1974 in Epping, Essex, England. On the other hand, the details on Annie’s birthplace is also not available. But, she is a British citizen.

Annie Perks Net Worth


Well, as of now, there is no information on Annie’s work history and her current working position. So, it is very hard to talk about her income and net worth.

But Annie Perks’s husband has an estimated net worth of $5 Million as of 2019. He makes this income through his job at Sky Sports and ITV. He also is a program presenter for a few television programs and radio programs.

Annie Perks Children, Family

Annie and Ben tied the knot on March 25, 2004. IT has been over 15 years of their marriage. They do not fail to shower each other with a tremendous amount of love.

The couple has two children both of whom are boys. Their older son Sam is 14 and his younger son Jack is 12. Annie has always been with the children but, Ben due to his workload is not able to spend most of the time with them. So, at present, he has decided to focus on the children and minimize the workload.

The couple has been very successful to keep their children away from the spotlight.

Annie’s Wiki

Since she is not very famous and has stayed away from the spotlight until now, there is no information available about her on the internet. Besides her being the wife of famous TV presenter Ben, to know more about her is a little bit difficult.

But, her husband is a person in the public’s eye and has a Wikipedia page.

And now, talking about Annie’s social media, she is very personal. Thus, she has a private Instagram account. Nonetheless, some of their family moments can be seen on Ben’s personal Instagram. But, even Ben does not post a lot relating to his family.