Know About Anne Edmonds Partner And Dating Life: Is She Married?

Anne Edmonds Age & Partner: Everything To Know About Australian Actress

Anne Edmonds is “The Edge of the Bush,” whose partner and relationship status have fascinated her fans. Read the article below to discover more about the comedian and her life behind the screen.

Anne Edmonds is an Australian comedian and actor best known for her stand-up works. She is praised for her suburban background, singing/songwriting, and storytelling comedy performances.

Name Anne Edmonds
Birthday 11 October, 1979
Age 41
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Profession Actor and Comedian
Parents Joe Edmonds (Father) Catherine Edmonds (Mother)
Education The University of Melbourne
Instagram anne_edmonds_
Twitter @anneedmonds1

Anne Edmonds Partner And Dating Life: Is She Married?

Anne Edmond’s partner is Lloyd Langford since 2018.

Lloyd is also a comedian, comedy writer, and voice artist. He is 37 years old and hails from Irish ethnicity, and was born in England. The couple met after Lloyd moved to Australia, furthering his comedy career.

The couple is known for being vocal about their dating life in the media as well as in their respective comedy sketches.

Anne and Lloyd are yet to get married though they have revealed that living together amidst the Covid-19 lockdown, they felt compacted 20 years in 4 months, according to their interview to The Age.

Anne Edmonds Age Revealed

Anne Edmonds is currently 41 years of age.

As of 2021 counting as she was born in 1979 in Melbourne, Victoria.

Her birthday falls on October 11 every year. She is 4 years older than her partner, Lloyd Langford. Moreover, she started her ways into comedy at the age of 29 in 2010.

Everything To Know About Australian Actress

Anne is known for creating and starring in the ABC comedy series “The Edge of the Bush.”

She has starred in and co-wrote “Fancy Boy,” an Australian six-part sketch comedy television series. She is one of the voices in the Australian version of cult US Adult Swim show “Fish Centre.” Apart from acting and writing, she is also a singer-songwriter of her song “Flying Home,” incorporated in her comedy work.

Anne’s comedy central themes include humiliation and despair in the stories of teenage mischief, sex, failure, relationships, and loneliness. The official bio of Anne has been documented on Wikipedia.