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Very lovely and charming Anne Curtis born on February 17, 1985 is a Filipino-Australian actress and a television host. Born to Carmencita Ojales and James Ernest Curtis-Smith, she’s the eldest daughter of her parents. Anne belongs to mixed ethical background since her mom’s a Filipino and her dad, Australian. She was first discovered while eating her food at a local restaurant alongside her mother and father. Upon the suggestion of the talent scout her parents initiated on the thoughts of their daughter pursuing acting as a career. Her entire family moved to Philippines after which. As a beginner, she started out appearing on television commercials. Later that year, she made her debut as Princess Dahlia on 1997 movie “Magic Kingdom”. That same year, she also got to promote her talent through Television. She was casted as Ginny on “Anna Karenina”. Later, she continued her TV appearances further.  

One of the sought after performers from Filipino, her movie lists would account dozens. Her most notable and unforgettable films would include names like “Baler”, “In your eyes”, “No other Woman” and many more. Her stellar performances in these movies have also earned her some prestigious awards to boast about. She has found grand accomplishment at her mother’s native country. Anne Curtis has also embarked on a different career as of a musician. On September 23, 2011 she released her debut album “Annebisyosa”. Within the first month of its release, the album received the gold status. Audiences who loved her as an actor had also acknowledged her as a singer, now. To brighten up her stars even more, that year again she was featured as Kara Zalderiaga on “No other woman”. Becoming the biggest blockbusters the Filipinos have ever seen, Anne in turn got named the Queen at the box office. Next year, she went on a tour to promote her album and that too turned out to be a successful venture.

Back then, when she had just started out her career, she became highly visible through her strings of shows including “May Bukas Pa”, “Beh Bote Nga”, and “Bubble Gang”. But her exhilarating negative performance portrayed by Anne on 2007 soap Opera “Hiram” earned her overwhelming responses from viewers and critics both. Many people started noticing her more post her role on “Hiram”. She had steadily stepped on the road of becoming hugely famous. Next, she began getting more prominent and mainstream roles. Also, she proved with her acting that she’s more than just a pretty face. She has multiple awards under her belt to prove her strength.

She’s unarguably one of the hottest stars there. Besides being a fabulous actor, she’s also a stunner to look at. She’s five feet six inches which means she has the perfect height. She’s got perfectly fit and toned body. She flaunts them on a bikini and My o My, she just looks smoking hot. Since, she’s a celebrity she carries the responsibility to look after her appearance and she certainly does not disappoint. Besides working to maintain her figure, she also makes the equal distribution of her effort on her clothes and appearances. Considered one of the fashionista, she knows exactly what’s hot and what’s not. Anne has the gorgeous flowing hair and spotless skin which she uses to her most advantage. Before stepping out to the world, she wears the trendiest of outfits and hair and makeup, no wonder she looks stunning on every pictures.

Speaking of her personal life biography, she has not married anyone yet and therefore does not have a husband. Also, she’s only twenty nine years of age which means, her marriage can wait. She’s at the peak of her career, so she can focus her mind more to that and after she meets her Mr. Perfect, she can think of settling down. However, she does have a boyfriend. Currently, she’s dating the much handsome and good looking stud Erwan Heussaff. She’s pretty much enjoying a good life with him. However, looking at her past, she has dated a string of guys. Number of her exes would make a huge list indeed. She couldn’t last any affair back then for more than a year or two, something or the other would break her trust apart. But for now, she has found love with Erwan. She has been together with him since 2009 and has sustained it for almost five years now. We wish the couple best for times ahead. Details about her can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating to the starlet.