Who is Angela Dravid?

Born to Indian and Samoan parents, Angela Dravid was born in Oman. She is an actress, comedian and a very talented writer.

At the age of three she moved to New zealand while her parents later moved to rural Australia.

Is she married? 

Even at the early age of 17, Dravid ran away and moved to the UK after being grommed online by a man 29 years older than her. When she was 18, they had their marriage.

Along the way she started being sadistic towards her husband and started abusing him. After being arrested at the just the age of 19, she was convicted of assault on her husband.

Why was she stuck in the bail hostel for so long?

The offence she had commited was not that major, but since she had nobody to bail her out, she was stuck in a bail hostel for more than she needed to.  

For three years, she had to be confined in a bail hostel. Before being divored by her husband and deported, she had to spend 2 months in prison. 

Her experinces in the prison system.

She says she had a positive in the prison and hostel system. She had a violent early life and domestic life, so prison and hostel life felt less violent she says.

How did her carreer start?

Miss Dravid had no aim of buiding a career in industry such as entertainment. At the beginning, she did bunch of odd jobs, where she even worked as a brothel receptionist. 

To work on her anxiety about working in customer service job, she attended an open mic. When heer sets started going well, she continued to work on her stand up routines. 

She had an award winning show called "Down the rabbit hole".

The experiences she had in her tumultous relationship inspired her to write her award winning show "Down the rabbit hole". Drabid was the winner of Billy T award in 2017. As it was announced in 2020, she has been working on adapting her play into a movie.

He work in TV and her podcast

In the first season of a New Zealand version of Taskmaster, she made her first appearnace. This TV show aired in 2020.  She had been working her podcast where she talks about prison, romance, abuse and much more.



Her intagram is- https://www.instagram.com/angelladravid/?hl=en