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Angel Bismark Curiel Age, Wiki, Birthday, Girlfriend, Net Worth
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Angel Bismark Curiel Age, Birthday: Actor Angel Bismark Curiel is 23 years of age. He was born in 1995 and grew up in Liberty City, Miami. Angel Bismark Curiel celebrates his birthday on 16th October.

At just 23 years of age, Angel has already landed roles in major movies and television shows.

Angel Bismark Curiel’s Wiki and his Short Bio

Angel Bismark Curiel is a Dominican American actor. Throughout his early years and childhood days, he grew up in Liberty City, Miami.

In addition, his mother MJ Rodriguez shares a special bond with Angel. His parents are very supportive of his acting career.

Apart from his big role in the TV series ‘Pose’, Angel has appeared in several other shows and movies. He began his career in show business through his first acting role in ‘America Adrift.’ He appeared in the movie in 2016.

In 2017, he appeared as Zeke in the short movie ‘Louie’s Brother Peter.’ The next year, he also played the role of a store attendant on the movie ‘Night Comes On.’

In the same year (2018), Angel also made appearances on ‘Monsters and Men’ and ‘Ashes.’ Moreover, he is set to appear in the movie ‘Critical Thinking.’ He will appear as Rodelay Medina on the movie. Additionally, the movie is on the post-production phase.

Angel Bismark Curiel’s Girlfriend- Janet Mock


Angel Bismark Curiel’s present girlfriend is Janet Mock. Janet is an American television host and writer. People mostly recognize her as the producer of the TV series ‘Pose.’

Janet has appeared on ‘2 Dope Queens’, ‘Daytime Divas’, and ‘’ Jay Z: Family Feud ft. Beyoncé.’ Additionally, she has also made appearances on ‘Breaking Big’, ‘The Daily Show’, and ‘Melissa Harris-Perry’ among others.

On ‘TakePart Live’, Janet has made five appearances so far. In addition, she has also appeared on ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ and ‘I Am Cait.’

She also has two credits as a director and three credits as an actress. There are no details when the pair began dating.

Angel has posted multiple pictures together with Janet. It looks like the couple is in a serious relationship. Neither Janet nor Angel have revealed about the future of their relationship.

Fans are waiting to hear the news of their wedding. If the current relationship is something to go by, they will probably marry in the near future. We hope nothing but the best for the couple.

Angel Bismark Curiel’s Net Worth

Details about Angel Bismark Curiel’s net worth is not available. However, he probably makes an impressive sum of money for his acting roles.

Fans have speculated that Angel probably makes million through his appearance on the popular television show ‘Pose.’

Angel Bismark Curiel-Pose Cast

Angel Bismark Curiel previously appeared on multiple movies and television shows. However, he came to widespread attention after his appearance on ‘Pose.’

He played the role of Lil Papi on the show. Additionally, he has appeared on 8 episodes of the show so far. His arc on the show has been one of the prominent character arcs on the series.

Angel’s last appearance was on the 2018’s episode ‘Mother of The Year.’ In addition, he first appeared on the pilot of the show in the same year.