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Andrew Lessman is an American entrepreneur, developer, neutralist, and former lawyer from Pennsylvania, the US. Andrew is known for his work in vitamin development and as the founder of ProCaps Laboratories.

For his work in nutritional science and as the founder of ProCaps Laboratories, Andrew Lessman has garnered a huge net worth.

Wondering about his annual income, net worth, personal details?

Andrew Lessman Age – Currently in his 60s

Andrew Lessman was born in the 50s in Pennsylvania, the US. The exact details on his birthday/date of birth haven’t been revealed.

Andrew is currently in his late 60s.

Andrew was born to American parents and was raised in his hometown in Pennsylvania by his American parents.

He belongs to white ethnic background and holds American citizenship. 

Andrew attended Pennsylvania Junior High School, where he took part in Science fair and also stood second in the fair. His involvement in the Science Fair had it all coming for Andrew which led him to become one of the leading neutralists of the recent time.

Walking on his interest, Andrew attended the University of Pennsylvania to study biochemistry. Andrew was also granted Benjamin Franklin Scholarship.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Andrew joined the University of Hawaii to study medical science.

After one year at the University of Hawaii, Andrew joined Loyola School of Law. For a brief period of time, he served as a law intern.

In 1989, Andrew founded his ProCaps Laboratories, which conducts research on the effect of different vitamins on the human body. His company ProCaps is the only pharmaceutical company not having any pharmaceutical conglomerates.

Andrew Lessman Married – Details on Wife/ Children


Andrew’s life behind his ProCaps company and his image as a nutritionist is still unknown.

So the details of Andrew Lessman’s marriage, wife, and affairs are still under review. 

Andrew has managed to keep his personal life out of the reach of media and away from scrutiny. In addition, he has never been rumored of a possible dating or a secret marriage. 

Andrew even never has gushed about his personal life in public. However, he is seen with a few gorgeous ladies on his Instagram page.

Andrew Lessman might be dating any or even married, but we just have to wait for Andrew to bring the curtains down. 

So far Andrew Lessman’s personal life is as good as an unsolved mystery.

Andrew Lessman Net Worth – $20 Million Dollars

Andrew Lessman enjoys a whopping net worth of $20 million as of 2019 accumulated with the success of his company, ProCaps Laboratories. 

ProCaps is one of the most successful nutritional beneficiary company based in America and has an annual revenue counted in millions of dollars. Serving as the front of the company, Andrew must be earning in millions as well. 

As his company thrives in the home scene and in the international market as well, Andrew must record a big rise in his fortune in coming years. 

Andrew Lessman Wight Loss

In 2009, Andrew pulled his products from different parts of the country after the suppliers began promoting weight loss which Andrew believed was a scam.