Amy Stroup Net Worth (Quiet Hearts), Age, Wiki, Family, Boyfriend, Bio 2019

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Amy Stroup

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Amy Stroup is a singer and a songwriter with an enchanting voice. And, I am sure that you guys may have heard a few of her songs in many movies and television series.

She is a singer and a songwriter as well. Likewise, she is most popular for her song, Quiet Hearts. And, this song featured on famous TV series like Drop Dead Diva, One Tree Hill, and Pretty Little Liars.

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This song gained wide popularity. It was published on Youtube on the 2nd of May in the year 2010. And, from thereon, it went on to be heard in many other shows as well.

In this way, Quite Hearts has made a special place in many listeners’ hearts. And, it is one of Amy’s popular songs until today’s date.

Amy Stroup Net Worth

Stroup has had written and sung many songs for years now. Similarly, she is a member of a band Sugar + The Hi-Lows. So, she might have accumulated a substantial amount of net worth by now.

Moreover, her songs have featured in multiple numbers of movies and television shows. But, as of yet, she has not disclosed any info on her net worth.

However, anyone can make a guess that her net worth must be high. After all, Amy Stroup has got a lot going on with her career on music.

Amy Stroup Age is Missing in 2019

Amy Stroup was born in Boston. But, there are no records of her date of birth. Similarly, as of now, she has not disclosed her date of birth. So, we could not find out her age.

Amy Stroup’s Wiki

Amy Stroup is a singer and a songwriter as well. In the same way, she is a member of a band, Sugar + The Hi-Lows.

She was born in Boston. She moved around different places all throughout her childhood with her family. Her family finally settled in Nashville when she was 18 years of age.

Similarly, she took an interest in music at an early age. She received classical piano and guitar lessons at Lipscomb University.

Amy’s Family and Parents

Amy Stroup has not talked about her family a lot. Besides the fact that her family moved to a lot of different places, nothing more is known about them.

And, her family finally decided to live in Nashville. At that time, she was 18 years old. She learnt to play the piano and guitar there.

Who is Amy Stroup’s Boyfriend?

Sadly, we cannot tell for a fact if Amy Stroup has a boyfriend. It is because she has never spoken about it in any of her interviews. Neither has she shared her relationship status on her social media.

From what it seems, Amy seems like a pretty private person. This is why we have never got to hear any intimate details of her life.

Amy: Bio 2019

Amy Stroup is a singer from Nashville. However, she was born in Boston. And, she basically follows genres like pop, country, rock, and indie.

In the same way, she is a band member of Sugar + The Hi-LowsHer songs have featured in several movies and TV shows.

One of such songs is Quiet Hearts which has been listened and loved by many. It is all due to her soothing voice and meaningful lyrics.