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Is Amy Duggar Pregnant in 2019? America’s budding country music artist – Amy Duggar is pregnant with her first child and is literally head over heels with the news.

Member of famous ‘Duggar’ family Amy Duggar is the niece of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar from ’19 Kids and Counting’ reality show.

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Amy Duggar Wiki

There’s been a ‘Duggar’ on TLC over a decade, and Amy Duggar happens to be relatively a lesser-known member from the family.

Coming from the orthodox Christian family, Amy, amongst the much-liberal one, was born out of wedlock. Her mother is the sister of patriarch Jim Duggar.

Originally from Arkansas, Amy’s life was going pretty well until the news circulated that her cousin Josh had abused 5-minor girls and the scandal has highly publicized the media.

She later moved to Nashville, Tennessee to begin her country music career. Later, in one of the episodes of ‘A Duggar Leaves Home’, Amy met Jamie Slocum (prestigious music producer) and had performed in a live show that ended up being a major fail.

Regardless of being criticized by Jamie citing her singing ‘horrifically awful’, she continued her passion and released an album called ‘Amy Jordyn’ in 2006.

And, while the now-expecting Amy may have left from Arkansas’ house to pursue her music interest, she still values few of the same Christian religion like her extended family.

Despite becoming a huge reality star of TLC, Amy Duggar doesn’t have her Wiki page, but her brief biography is readable on few websites on the internet.

Amy Duggar Husband – Dillon King and Child


Amy Duggar and husband Dillon King is a soon-to-be parent and their baby is due in October. Amy and Dillon was longtime friend prior to exchanging their vows in a country-themed wedding in 2015 in the bride’s hometown of Arkansas.

Amy met Dillon only a mother after she moved to Nashville in July 2014 and got engaged a year later in 2015. Now, as the two prepare to experience first-time parenting, the husband-and-wife both appeared excited yet little nervous with the newest addition on the family.

Though little is known about Amy’s husband, he is active on social media and uses Instagram – under the handle @kingdillpickle!

How much is Amy Duggar Net Worth in 2019?

With the success of Amy Duggar on reality television, fans often wonder about the number behind her personal wealth and career earnings.

But despite being the member of ‘Duggar’ empire, Amy Duggar hasn’t disclosed her net worth or annual income in the media. But, she is certainly living a lavish life with her husband in Nashville.

As Duggar family is hugely known in media for their marriages, countless scandals and childbirths, niece Amy has also managed to find herself success with their reality shows and its spin-offs.

Initially, Amy garnered national attention when her engagement pictures were featured on famous websites like US Weekly and People. And, to that point, Amy had already starred as a lead in two spinoff episode of now-canceled, ’19 Kids and Counting’.