Who Are Nathaniel Veltman Parents? Meet Alysia Bisset And Mark Veltman

Alysia Bisset Religion Ethnicity - Nathaniel Veltman Mother And Parents

Alysia Bisset And Mark Veltman are Nathaniel Veltman parents. Lets learn about Nathaniel mother in detail. 

Alysia is the mother of a 20-year-old child named Natheniwl Veltman, who murdered a whole Muslim family by hitting them with his truck. 

Salman Afzaal, his wife, Madiha, their daughter, Yumna, and Afzaal’s mom were all murdered. The family’s 9-year-old son was badly injured, but he pulled through.  

When arrested in an alleged hate-motivated attack that killed four family members in London laughed as police took him into custody.

Nathaniel Veltman Mother And Parents

Alysia Bisset is the mother of Nathaniel Veltman.

Nathaniel began to hate and disrespect his mom after the divorce of Alysia with her husband, Mark Veltman.

Alysia has expressed her sorrowful thoughts on the dreadful act of her child. 

After his parents divorced, he became disrespectful towards his mother, Alysia raising his voice, frighteningly soaring over her.

Because of this behavior, Alysia used to lock herself up so that she could avoid him.

Alysia has not mentioned anything about her parents on the internet.

Alysia Bisset Religion and Ethnicity 

Alysia Bisset follows Christian as her religion. 

Rumors were going on that they belong to the Jewish religion, but an unnamed friend claimed that they are Christian.

Alysia probably belongs to the white ethnicity. 

Alysia Nationality And Background

Alysia Bisset holds Canadian nationality.

She was born and brought up in Ontario, Canada.

Talking about Alysia’s background, we don’t have much information about her.

She and her family are found to the native and original residents of Canada.

According to some reports, Nathaniel later confessed to his mother for his bad behavior.

She tried to work out his issues with him, but he denied discussing the problems, ignored the need for bounds, and denied discussing his psychological health.