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One of the rising pop stars, Ally Brooke was born with the precious gift of the melodious voice on 7th July, 1993. With the Mexican descents, she was born in San Antonio, Texas of United States with the birth name as Allyson Brooke Hernandez to Jerry Hernandez and Patricia Hernandez. She was born as the premature baby with the weight of one pound and four ounces. However, as the unusual sign of the premature birth, she had screamed at the time of birth. So, her father had understood that she could have the singing talents. Her father’s analysis turned true, which has been reflected as of her musical career running at present. Being great fan of Selena Gomez, she had developed the singing interests from her early childhood.

This American young beauty just in her early twenties has dated several hunks. Her personal life record receiving the limelight in the Medias has revealed that she has been hooked up with musician, Troy Ogletree since 2013. The few months of her romantic relationship with Drew Chadwick during 2012 has also been recorded. As of now, it means the tender age for her, the things like marriage, children, husband and other more are waiting. Moreover, the word divorce is out of question at the present scenario. Super sexy and ridiculously hot, this Fifth Harmony’s princess has been the centre of attraction for many young Americans.

Greatly inspired as the various Selena’s fan, Brooke had great fascination to singing from the early age. Before her career began, she used to perform at the various charity events, sporting events and also in the high school programs starting from the age of nine. Professionally she entered into the singing sector in the year 2013. At her career commencement, she had auditioned in Austin, Texas for The X Factor and had sung the Jaci Velasquez’s song titled ‘On My Knees’. Though, she was noticed for the wrong timing, her special voice made him impressed. There her potentiality of the incredible singing talents was greatly described. She couldn’t reach the final. However, the judges later placed her in the new girl’s group. The young girl’s band was named as ‘Fifth Harmony’, where Brooke is the eldest member amongst five including Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane Hansen, Lauren Jauregui and Normani Hamilton. All of the members of the band were the contestants of The X Factor and it was formed with the policy as LYLAS i.e. Love You like A Sister. In the beginning, the girls had given the hard workout by showing their vocal abilities. Showcasing her singing abilities, she has received support not only from her group friends and their wide ranged fans but as well from group’s adviser, Simon Cowell. The band had released their first EP in 2012 titled as ‘Better together’ through the Synco Music and Epic Music. The EP got the 18th position in New Zealand and 6th position in USA. Her career branched into screen work was found earlier to the formation of the band in the reality television singing competition, ‘The X Factor’. With the enjoyment of the arts of music, she is still in the developing stage of her career. Despite the comparisons to the popular rock bands like One Direction and Little Mix, this aspiring girl’s band’s net worth has been revealed to be $3.5 million.

As of the hobbies and interests of Brooke, she is the great lover to music. This great devotee to Jesus always prays before showing her performance anywhere. This humorous persona is also interested in hanging around with friends and making the amusing jokes. Moreover, showing affection to the animals, she is too much interested in pandas, dogs and cats. It’s not surprise that the musical hobby of her has led to be fan of prolific musicians like Beyonce, Cher Lloyd, Britney Spears and other more.

Along with enjoyment of the arts of music her career has been running with the hard workouts. Resembling the great singing talency, she has been searching for the new opportunities and the better platform to expose her skills. Her detailed biography is available in Fifth Harmony Wiki.