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Alizee Thevenet Age, Father, Net Worth (James Middleton Girlfriend) Wiki, Family, Nationality and More
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Congratulations are in order for the new royal couple, James Middleton and his girlfriend Alizee Thevenet. James Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge’s little brother kept his affair with his new girlfriend Alizee under the raps for a long time. Though, not anymore.

The member of the royal family is a recent hot and happing on the internet. Though he kept his new love Alizee under the wraps, he decided to open up about his love life recently. And that’s what having him on the news these days.

In July 2019, James shared a rare snap of his girlfriend, Alizee on his Instagram page. That sure melted the hearts of his fans. James is a dog lover and many know that, but they weren’t aware of his first love, though.

In his Instagram post, James’ dog was seen having a good time with his first love, Alizee in a swimming pool.

Here’s what you might want to know about Jame’s better-half, Alizee Thevenet.

Alizee Thevenet Age: 30, James Middleton is 32 years old

The royal family is often a press magnet. Similarly, when James Middelton chose to make his relationship with Alizee Thevenet public, the world just had to go crazy.

And already, they doesn’t seem to get enough of the couple.

While Alizee has no connections to the media buzz, she is now a press darling, too. Despite, there are several unsolved mysteries regarding Alizee. One of those happens to be her age.

How old is Alizee Thevenet? The details are still unavailable. However, judging from her looks she could be in her 30s.

Her love interest, James Middleton is 32 years of age. He was born on April 15, 1987, to Carole and Michael Middleton. Her beau is an English entrepreneur and a member of the Middleton family.

James is the younger brother of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

How Much is Alizee’s Net Worth?


According to, Alizee is a French financial analyst. She currently lives in London. puts the average income of a French financial analyst at €47,278 ($52,632.2).

She has been working in the London financial industry for the past six years now. Throughout her career span of six years, Alizee must have amassed a colossal net worth. Meanwhile, the exact figure of her net worth isn’t public yet.

Speaking about Alizee’s beau, James Middleton, his net worth is estimated in millions.

James Middleton Girlfriend Alizee’s Family/ Parents

James Middleton’s girlfriend, Alizee Thevenet hails from a French family. She is very close to her father, Gabriel Thevenet. Meanwhile, the identity of her mother isn’t public yet.

Speaking about her daughter’s relationship with James, Gabriel shared that he is very happy that she is with James. Well, it’s a green signal for the couple.

According to her father, her name takes after a tropical wind in French. In fact, Alizee’s father is very fond of wind-surfing and Alize comes from a popular French wind.

Speaking about James and Alizee, they seem very serious about their relationships. Though they are just dating for a few months, but have a green signal from their respective families. Moreover, Alizee father admits that her daughter is way serious about her relationship with James.

Meanwhile, their Instagram shows how smitten they are already.