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Alix Kendall Age, How Old Is She? Find her husband, children & Family Wiki
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Alix Kendall is a charming personality who appears in Fox 9 Morning Buzz on KMSP TV as a co-host. In fact, she is an amazing TV host with a smile that can freshen up your morning.

She is an American TV presenter and host for KMSP TV. Moreover, she has worked as a DJ in Radio station and has anchored multiple shows and news over the years.

Who is the gorgeous Fox 9 co-host, her age, married life, children, family, and wiki? You are at the right place to get the information.

How old is Alix Kendall? Age

Alix Kendall was born on May 9, 1962, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She grew up in Minnesota with her sister and mother.

As of 2019, Alix is 58 years old. Despite the number attached to her age, her look and expression talk a different language.

For a woman at her retiring age, she has a charismatic face and delightful voice. Watching her co-host the news early morning can be a good way to start the day.

Who Is Alix Kendall Husband? Does she have children?


Like any celebrity would do, she has kept her private life actually private. That includes her relationships and marital bonds.

It’s obvious that she was a sweetheart during her youth. Likewise, many guys might have fallen for her. Apparently, she doesn’t want to share such information.

However, some sources claim that she dated a guy ‘Darryl’ in high school. Other than that, the pages are all blank.

Besides, Alix Kendall was once married and has a daughter. She doesn’t like to share information about her ex-husband. She is raising a daughter as a single mom.

Her daughter Kaitlyn Kendall is 17 years old as of 2019. The pair in photos look exactly alike. Moreover, Katilyn is proud of her mother’s achievements and take her as an idol.

Her family members

Alex grew up in her birthplace in Minnesota. She had a sister alongside her mother and father while growing up. Later, she was raised by her mother alone.

Alex mother Camille Bergstrom Kudzia raised her together with her sister Sheri. Camille used to work as a switchboard operator for KARE TV in 1963.

Alex had a grandmother Pearl who committed suicide way before she was born. Similarly, her sister also passed away due to breast cancer.

Alix remembers her every 14th July which was Sheri’s birthday. She has gone through ups and downs with the family but she managed to keep her head high.

Likewise, she also wants to raise her daughter proud and help her best she can. Moreover, she also supports her passion and hobbies. She takes time off to travel and have fun with her.

Alix Kendall’s Wiki

Despite her popularity, Alex doesn’t have her Wikipedia page. Apparently, she has been working her whole career as a journalist and radio host.

In 1976, Alix completed her school education from Roosevelt High School. Later, she attended Brown College and graduated from the same college affiliated to the University of Minnesota.

Afterward, she worked as DJ at KELN FM radio station followed by hosting some shows in Omaha. Likewise, she got into WCOO-TV station as an intern.

Furthermore, she started reporting and anchoring weekend evening news at KAAL-TV. Then, she worked at KROE-TV and Show 19.

Consequently, in 1999, she got into FOX 9 and started her sparkling career. She is going to celebrate her 20th anniversary with the FOX 9.

Despite her desire to be a basketball player, her hard work led her to success and achievements in TV.