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The cute and adorable Alina Cho is an American journalist currently working for the largest news organization of the nation, CNN since 2004. She serves the network as the national correspondent and also as a contributor to the morning show titled “Starting Point” and “Early Start”. Alina belongs to Asian ethnicity since she was born to a South Korean family. Her birth however happened in Vancouver, Washington. She studied and completed her post graduation from Medill School of Journalism at North Western University. Since her early years, she had only aimed to build a career in journalism and fortunately got what she had wished for.


She has contributed substantial body of work as the reporter for CNN. Some of her accomplishments would include live coverage of 2008 Presidential election, reports relating aftermaths of Hurricane Katrina, historic unveiling of the communists’ leader in Pyongyang in 2010 and many more. Besides reporting and doing stories on major national and international news, she also hosts the celebrity show “Big stars, big giving” which primarily concentrates on the charitable work done by Ace celebs. Madonna, Elton John, Justin Beiber, Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry are the few grand names involved with this charity.


She had her share of struggle in the past before she received her break at CNN. Prior to joining the network, she had worked with ABC news as their anchor and correspondent. Similarly, she also had a track record of an employee at CNBC as a reporter. She started out her television career from Chicagoland television and thereon made her transition to WFTS-TV which is an affiliation of ABC. Tracing back her entire career, Cho has accumulated ample experience in journalism. Her anchoring skills and her confidence with facing the millions of viewers has been polished over the years.


Her down-to-earth and tantalizing beauty makes her hot favorite among her regular viewers. Her purpose of becoming a journalist is not just to deliver news but to live her passion which she does with best of her ability. She stands tall at five feet and certain inches. Since, she’s of average height, she loves wearing heels. She carries herself with panache. She is aware of the glaring eyes of the audiences all around ready to critic at any given moment, so like many of her contemporaries; she never undermines the essence of appearance.


She is believed to be thirty seven years of age, but she’s done a credible job of maintaining her youthful looks over the years despite the amount of pressure she works in. Thanks to her dedication to workouts and diet plans, she’s successfully preserved her beauty over the years. The host of “Fashion: Backstage Pass” host, Cho admitted her love for fashion. She’s one of the fashionable journalists of present times. Often, her outfits are outstandingly glamorous. She wears clothes that show just the right amount of her skin and her beautiful pair of long legs. Cho is also best known for the mole at the upper side of her luscious lips.


Alina however keeps her personal life a low key. Much important information about her life is not known. She is not married and does not have a husband. She’s approaching her forties, maybe she does have a boyfriend but she has not confirmed anything about that yet. Single, beautiful and fabulous Alina is living it all large at present. Her focus is all intact with her work. She’s doing great in her profession. Having come a long way, she still has a long way ahead of her.


Her private life biography is not disclosed in the media as much, but her professional accomplishments and career graph can be obtained from wiki and other sites relating her. One of the popular correspondents of today’s time, Alina has not remained untouched from the influence of social networking sites. She has a twitter account, which is one of the easiest medium to remain in contact with her fans and admirers. They can simply follow her there are get to know her better.