Alexia Hall

Alexia Hall Age, Height, Parents, Boyfriend, Wikipedia

Alexia Hall is an American film actress. She is yet to earn her big role in a big movie but she has played in several small roles. She earned her reputation from the movie released in 2017 “Slamma Jamma”. In this movie, she performed in the character of Lisa.

In her childhood, She makes her parents happy with her study as she is good at it. She enjoyed her time doing extracurricular activities which lead her to an acting career.

Name Alexia Hall
Age 30-35
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Ethnicity African
Profession Actress

10 Facts On Alexia Hall

  1. Alexia Hall was born in the 1980s, New Haven Connecticut is her birthplace but the actual date of birth is unknown to any of the sites on the internet. Her age is about 30-35 years old. However, we are working on it and update it as soon as possible.
  2. Her family moved to Pasadena, California when she was 8 months old.
  3.  Hall grew up and was educated in California, America. She attended “Sunny Hills High School”. And, she has attended classes and workshops with “Real Kids Ensemble” in Burbank where she learned acting. After high school, she expanded her role in regional theater productions.
  4.  Alexia’s height is 5 feet 7 inches. In meter, she is 1.7 m. Being an actress she needs to maintain her body regularly and she avoids junk foods to keep her body fit. But, her exact body measurement is unknown.
  5. Her recent movie is “Locating Silver Lake” which is released in 2018 and is a film about post-college life.
  6. She is also interested in sports and used to play volleyball, soccer, and basketball.
  7. The ethnicity of Alexia is African. She looks gorgeous in her long black hair.
  8. She doesn’t like to open her private information with others. Most of the sites on the internet are also unknown about her boyfriend, parents, and her siblings.
  9. Her information is not published in Wikipedia
  10. She has kept her social media private and we do not have information about her Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram accounts.