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Alex Marks Net Worth, Wife, Married, Girlfriend, Dating, Height, Age, Wiki, Bio – The Bachelor UK. Alex marks is a personal trainer and is the current lead for the show” The Bachelor UK “which will premier soon in the Television. He has a personal training studio On Your Marks (O.Y.M) in London, specializing fitness for pregnant & post-natal mothers. Alex is a bachelor hunk all the way from London who admits that he is in the quest to search for his love of life through the show.

Early Life and Education of Alex Marks

Born in 1988 in London and raised in Kent, Alex went to the Bethany school. He has close relationship with his parents. He started personal training in 2009 after graduating from the Carnegie Faculty of Sport and Education at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Alex has been engaged in fitness industry for around 6 years now. He has complete knowledge about fitness and helps other remain fit and healthy as well. He now owns his own fitness studio in London and trains numbers of his customers there. His vision and motive of opening his own fitness center is because he believes everyone should be the best version of themselves.

Is stunning trainer, Alex Marks in a relationship?


Alex has been single from months he says in one of his interview. It is time now to find out the love of his life he adds. He also says he has never dated more than one woman at a time and never got time to fall for any one special in life as he spent more time in rising up his business.

For this,31-year-old Alex has entrusted Channel 5 and their casting executives to find him a perfect match and set him in romantic dates with girls. He is now lead on the show with 17 gorgeous girls having all power in his hands for whom to choose and not. Sexy trainer of United Kingdom Alex has prepped in finding the love of life.

How tall is Alex Marks? Body Structure and Details

Alex Marks has an eye-catching height of 6 feet 6 inches with intense stunning look on his face. He has a perfect trainer body with muscular abs, biceps and the long hair on his hair add charm to his personality.

Alex is an overall package of men every women wonders and wants. He is fun and easygoing personality mixed with the looks of intense and dynamic workout trainer.  Despite of his solid exterior, he is soft from inside and looking for someone special to add happiness and moments in his life.

Net Worth of Alex Marks

From the concerned sources, the average income of personal trainer in UK ranges around £19,468 per year.

Alex marks might have been able to acquire some bucks from his trainer career for which he has worked a lot harder. He owns his own house in United Kingdom and he has his own Fitness Centre On Your Marks. He has numerous customers who come to be train and stay fit in life.