People might think if being a flight attendant, you will get a chance to travel the world at minimal cost. Being a flight attendant is not an easy job that everyone thinks. Though you got to see the world, there is numerous complexity that the cabin crew faces every day as their workplace is at a higher altitude.

 Flight attendants are the people who represent the airlines and their uniform, grooming, height, figures, and smile are the unique selling point.

A recent survey conducted by Trippy along with Maxim has ranked the airlines according to the crew attractiveness and hotness of their flight attendants. The survey was measured by rank from 1 to 10 where female flight attendants from Emirates airlines were voted as the most beautiful and hottest with the ranking of 7.17 followed by United Airlines (6.73), Hawaiian Airlines (6.71) and the Delta (6.68).

We hope you will enjoy reading the article along with some beautiful photos of cabin crews.

Before you book your next flight, here's some very important info...

24. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is famous because of its amazing flight attendants. Singapore Airlines flight attendants are not only attractive, but they are also friendly, customer oriented and a team player.

Singapore Airlines cabin crews look absolutely dashing as they wear Traditional “Sarong Kebaya” as uniform. Besides their attractiveness, they are also recognized for their warm hospitality and cabin service.

You will be shocked to know that the airlines got the “World’s Best Cabin Crew Service” Awards by the Business Traveler Asia Pacific Awards for 17 consecutive years.