Meet Her On Instagram

Shackelford is within easy reach on Instagram as a huntythelion.

The body positivity influencer has stockpiled over 55k adherents to date.

Besides, Instagram Ahleigh is also available on Twitter.

Nevertheless, unlike Instagram, she is not quite active. 

Her Twitter account has amassed over 15k thus far.

Hunter Ahleigh Shackelford Boyfriend

At the moment, Hunter Ahleigh Shackelford seems to have no boyfriend.

However, we've come to know that she has been in a couple of relationships previously. 

In fact, she has become pregnant 2 times until now.

Yet, she aborted both of them as she was not ready for motherhood.

Shackelford was just 18 when she became pregnant from her then boyfriend's close friend.

Furthermore, at 20, she became pregnant the second time.

What Is Hunter Ahleigh Shackelford Age?

Hunter Ahleigh Shackelford's age might be somewhere between 25 to 35.

Even so, this is just a mere assumption concluded from her appearance.

Yet we know Ahleigh celebrates her birthday every August 21.

Hunter Ahleigh Shackelford Wikipedia 

Wikipedia has not included Hunter Ahleigh Shackelford to date on their database.

The influencer's brief biography is accessible on her self-titled site.

Her site comprises her published writings as well.

The influencer prioritizes decolonizing antiblack body violence.