Who Is Agnes Tirop's Husband?

Agnes Tirop's husband has gone missing. 

After she has found lying dead in her home. Agnes's husband is nowhere to be found. 

And the Kenyan police are suspecting her husband to be the murderer. 

Agnes Tirop's Death: Is Murder Suspect Arrested? 

Agnes Tirop's husband is the prime suspect of the ongoing investigation. He is not at his home and is out of contact. 

The police are trying to search for him. An investigation task force is already created and the hunt is on.

Did Agnes's husband really kill her? Is he the murderer? We will have to patiently wait to know all the answers after the investigation is done.  

How Was Agnes Tirop When She Died? Agnes's Age 

Agnes Tirop was 25 years old. 

She was born in 1995.

Tirop would have celebrated her 26th birthday on 23rd October. Her birthday was just 10 days away. 

Net Worth Of Agnes Tirop

The official reports of the net worth of Agnes Tirop are unavailable, 

Hopefully, we will soon see her earnings in the days to come. 

Know More About Agnes Tirop

Agnes Tirop usually competed in the cross country running and 5000 meters.

She received many medals when participating in the junior level World Junior Championships in Athletics and at the World Cross Country.

In 2014, Agnes was the junior champion at the African Cross Country Championships. She has a 5000 meters best of 14:50.36 minutes.

At the 2017 and 2019 World Athletics Championships, she won bronze medal in the 10,000 meters events.  

During the 2015 IAAF World Cross Country Championships, Tirop became the second-youngest ever to win a gold medal in the women's race. The first to do it was Zola Budd. 

She is the current record holder in the 10 kilometers women's only event.