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Adree Edmo
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If you follow the recent news, you might have heard about Adree Edmo. Well, she is a hot topic these days. And, the issue related to her is quite complex.

But, if you still do not have an idea who we are talking about, after reading this, you will soon find out. Well, she is a transgender.

And, she was sentenced to serve for 10 years in prison because she had sexually assaulted a teenage boy in 2011.

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After her imprisonment, Adree Edmo started hurting herself. Later, she was diagnosed with gender dysphoria. And, now, the court has ruled out that the state of Idaho must pay for her gender confirmation surgery.

However, the governor finds it unfair to the citizens of Idaho. After all, they are the taxpayers and it is their hard-earned money which will be spent on Edmo’s surgery.

Adree Edmo Gender

Talking about her gender, Adree Edmo was born into the body of a male. So, he was a boy. But, he never felt like one.

That’s why he went through a lot mentally. In the same way, he had to struggle as a young teenager with his gender identity.

But, he started living like a woman full-time in his early 20s. And, after that, he changed his name to Adree Edmo. Likewise, he changed his gender on his birth certificate as well.

Adree Edmo Transgender (Male or Female)


Adree Edmo was born a male. But, he claimed that he always felt like a girl or a woman. Likewise, his birth name is Mason Dean Edmo.

It was later when he found out about his sexual identity. Then, he changed his name to Adree Edmo and also changed his gender on the birth certificate. And, he began living life as a woman.

Idaho Inmate Surgery

Adree sexually assaulted a teenage boy in the year 2011. And, he went into prison for the crime. In the same way, he got placed in a male’s cell where he tried to castrate himself.

While in prison, he tried to hurt himself several times. Although the hormones were given to him that would help him feel like a woman, he did not stop hurting himself.

So, upon finding that he has gender dysphoria, the court has ruled that the state of Idaho will pay for his surgery.

But the governor and the taxpayers are not happy with the decision. According to them, it is not wise to have to pay for his surgery, who was once a sexual offender.

Adree Edmo Age

According to the internet sources, Adree is 31 years of age. However, there are no detailed records of his date of birth.

Guessing from his age, he might have been born in the year 1988.

Edmo’s Wiki

Adree Edmo is a transgender woman. And, she was born into the body of a male. So, it did not match her sexual identity.

Her birth name is not Adree Edmo. It was Mason Dean Edmo which she later changed. In the same way, she talks about how she had always felt like a girl.

But, in the year 2011, he sexually assaulted a 15-year-old boy. And, he went into jail for it.