Adam Greentree Wife, Net Worth, Age (Bowhunter Wiki) Kimmi Greentree, Podcast

Adam Greentree Wife, Net Worth, Age (Bowhunter Wiki) Kimmi Greentree, Podcast

Adam Greentree is married to his wife Kimmi Greentree. They married on October 5, 2002. The duo is together nearly for two decades now. Their love for each other is never-ending. Both of them support each other in their profession.

Additionally, the duo date nearly 3 years before marriage. They work in a similar kind of profession which helps them to increase their bond and understanding. Adam and Kimmi shares three kids. They are parents of two sons and a cute daughter.

Their first son Hunter Greentree is currently 15 years old. Likewise, their second child’s name is Noah Greentree. He is 12 years old. And, their only daughter’s name is Aaliyah Greentree. They together are one sweet happy family.

Adam Greentree Net worth

Actually, Adam’s net worth isn’t available on the internet yet. He has a successful career as a bowhunter and a podcast host. So, he must have a decent amount of net worth.

Additionally, the average salary of a podcast host is around $74,000. As Adam is a podcast host too, he surely earns that amount from his podcast. Also, he earns a good fortune as a bowhunter.

Adam Greentree (Bowhunter Wiki)

Wiki hints, Adam Greentree was born on September 29, 1980. He is an Australian native. Adam is most popular as a bowhunter turned podcast host. He is an adventurous human being. He is one of the world-famous hunters.

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Additionally, details about his parents and his educational background aren’t available. However, education doesn’t matter a lot when you are passionate to achieve your life goals.

The same thing goes for this bowhunter. He is famous for his passion for hunting all over the world. People admire his hunting skills.

But, he was convicted of hunting a deer in a national park a few months ago. As per sources, somehow the bounty hunter avoided this conviction. It became one of the most talked topics in hunting history. The judges gave interesting statements on this case.

Kimmi Greentree

As I mentioned above, Kimmi Greentree is the wife of Adam Greentree. She is widely known as the wife of bowhunter Adam. But, this doesn’t define who Kimmi is actually. Kimmi has her own career too.

As per sources, she is one of the casts of a show named Restless Native. The show is adventurous and comedic. Kimmi is a mother of three children but it’s admirable that’s he took part in an adventurous show. Brave woman for sure.

Due to the show, Kimmi is now famous for her own career. However, it’s true that many people know her as Adam Greentree’s wife. She got some limelight because of him too.

Adam Greentree Podcast

Adam Green is a bowhunter turned podcast writer. He hosts his own podcast titled

Usually, he writes about the adventure of a bowhunter and how exciting life is with hunting. He also appears in other’s podcasts as a celebrity. Likewise, he is also active on Instagram. He garners more than 399,000 followers on Instagram.