Absofacto Real Name: 10 Facts To Know

The real name of Absofacto is Jonathan Visger.

World-famous musician Absofacto is a member of the Michigan-based band Mason Proper. He started posting his songs on Youtube in 2017. One of his melodies, ‘Dissolve,’ has more than 26 million views on the platform. Moreover, he also posts his creations on other music platforms such as SoundCloud and Apple music.

Absofacto signed with Atlantic Records and delivered his major-label debut with the EP Thousand Peaces. His most popular song, Dissolve, was included in the EP as well and was released in 2018 but failed to gain any attention. However, luck was on his side, and his music went viral in popular video sharing application, TikTok.

Name Absofacto (Jonathan Visger)
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Musician
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10 Facts On Absofacto

  1. Popular American musician, Absofacto produces some of the finest music today and is a member of the band Mason Proper.
  2. Absofacto’s real name is Jonathan Visger.
  3. He has been subscribed by more than 120 thousand people on Youtube due to his beautiful songs.
  4. Even though he is in his mid-20s, he has already achieved a lot of success in the music industry. The exact age of Absofacto has not been revealed yet.
  5. Due to his popularity, lots of people visit his Wikipedia page to know more about him.
  6. Since social media has become an indispensable part of our lives, Absofacto also browses and posts on Instagram and Twitter.
  7. News regarding Absofacto’s girlfriend has not surfaced in the media and remains a mystery.
  8. Due to his hit songs, he has definitely gathered a huge sum of monetary resources. Absofacto has a high salary and net worth.
  9. His most famous song Dissolve entered the Billboard Alternative Songs chart in June of 2019 and reached the top of the chart in January of 2020.
  10. Even if we take away his musical skills, Absofacto will still be known for his dancing talent.