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Abigail Irozuru Parents, Boyfriend, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Salary
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Abigail Irozuru who was once a retired long-jumper has now again started competing for long jumps. She is one of the most hard-working long jumpers in Great Britain. She competed in many games and won many with wonderful records prior to her injury and retirement.

Abigail is certainly one of the most inspiring athletes. Even after the severe injury, she had the courage to stand up and fight back. She also has a Wikipedia page on her name.

Abigail is currently in the 7th rank among the world’s women long-jumpers. She also competed in her first Global Championship recently in the first week of October. And, this is certainly a big achievement for her following her retirement back in 2016.

Abigail Irozuru has not disclosed about her parents on the internet

If you are wondering, who brought up this strong woman, you probably need to wait for some more time.

Since Abigail has not disclosed about her parents, it is hard for us to find out about them. But, one this is certain that Abigail’s parents filled her with strong characters.

But as per her Instagram, it looks like she has a huge family.

Does Abigail Irozuru have a boyfriend? What is his name?


Until now, there is no information available on Abigail’s boyfriend. She could possibly be single. Or, she could be someone who does not like to shout out about her personal interests and love life.

Abigail Irozuru Age is 29 years old as of 2019

Abigail Irozuru was born on January 3, 1990, in Manchester, England. She grew up in Manchester and did her schooling there. For her higher studies, she moved to London. She was a very hard-working student.

She has even graduated in Law from University College London.

Moreover, while she was on a break during her injury, she even worked as a Tutor. She took her retirement at 26 and returned back.

Abigail was only 14 years old when she started participating in athletic competitions. She participated in long-jumps during her school and even at her college. She has also won a number of competitions inside and outside of Britain.

Abigail has a perfect height and weight as an athlete

No wonder, an athlete should have a fit body. The height and weight of an athlete should completely balance each other. Although Abigail is an athlete, her height and weight have not been disclosed on the internet.

She must have a height of around 5 feet and 8 inches. And her body weight could be around 60 kgs. She has a perfectly toned body.

What are Abigail’s net worth and salary?

The exact information about Abigail Irozuru’s income and net worth is not available on the internet. But, we assume that her net worth must be around $5 Millions. But, this is not the exact fact.

She earns from her business, tutoring, and games, of course.

However, while she had retired from long-jump, she had a lot of debt on her. That’s why she had to start up something to get through the situation. Hence, she started her business. And she continues to do so, even after her comeback. She revealed these things in one of her interviews with The Telegraph UK.