Aaron Marino Wiki – Age, Wife, Gay, Net Worth: YouTuber

Aaron Marino Wiki - Age, Wife, Gay, Net Worth: YouTuber

If you are a guy who considers himself to be the alpha man or at least trying to be an alpha male. Or maybe you are a guy who lacks in confidence, Aaron Marino is a guy you want to follow. Making all of his brand and content around the alpha man and being a well-groomed masculine man, Aaron’s channel on Youtube has a huge following.

Aaron Marino Wiki

Aaron Marino is a lifestyle expert. Some might call him a YouTuber first but Youtube is just the medium he uses to say his things. At the end of the day, he’s a lifestyle coach and a businessman.

He was born on May 19, 1976, in the USA. The details of his early education are not available but we can say that he attended college in Virginia and later on went on to live in Atlanta, Georgia. Wow! Seems like he really has a heart for small cities.

He was very concerned about the style of people around him during his childhood. He used to give much advice to his friends regarding grooming and styling.

He also ran his own fitness center for 6 years before establishing the Alpha M brand. After he established his own brand, his life went to amazing places.

Aaron Marino Age: 43 years

According to a very trustworthy source online, Aaron Marino is currently 43 years of age. But if you have ever come across his Youtube channel (which by the way if you haven’t, do check it out), he does not look a day over 30.

He has managed to control everything and has a great styling sense which must really help.

Aaron Marino Sexuality: Is he Gay or Straight?

Many dudes would want him to be gay but fellas apparently Aaron is not gay.

He is straight and was even married to Tracey Woodard in 2007. They had a good time for 5 years before the marriage ultimately breathed its last as they divorced.

So, there you have it. Aaron Marino is not gay but he makes content addressing gay culture and questions asked from gay people like this.

Aaron Marino Net worth: $3 million dollars

As we’re talking about Aaron, let’s delve a bit deeper on the subject matter of his net worth. He has a net worth of $3 million dollars.

He has a Youtube channel which is followed by 5.1 million subscribers. So, that is a great source of revenue. Furthermore, his brand Alpha M also generates a lot of money.

Aaron Marino: A Brief Look In his Youtube channel

Aaron’s Youtube channel is a total blast. it is marketed for guys. Come on the name of the channel is ‘Alpha M’. He posts videos of styling and fashion questions but more than that he talks of confidence and sometimes topics even go to very deep insightful talks. So, it’s a big fun ride. Do check it out if you want to.