I’m sure you have seen the ads: study online and get your degree in no time! In most cases, the degree is too good to be true. But, there are some hidden gems within the realm of online degrees. And as technology progresses, the caliber of online degrees progresses as well. The popularity and ease of these classes have top-tier universities investing big bucks into successful online programs. I have taken the liberty of finding the online degrees that can truly prepare you for a new career.

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10. Electronic and Computer Technology Engineering

The scope of an engineering is available from an associate’s degree all the way to a Ph.D. Studying electronic and computer technology engineering online will prepare you for a growth-oriented career.

Most companies rely on technology to communicate effectively with team members and customers and will require someone in-house to assist in software troubleshooting and development. As technology grows, so does this degree!

9. Paralegal

Interested in law but not the headache associated with law school? Becoming a paralegal will lead to a fulfilling career researching laws, interviewing clients, and composing legal documents.

A paralegal is basically a lawyer’s right hand, and with proper education, a paralegal can enjoy high levels of job security and mobility.

8. Engineering

A general engineering degree completed online can set you up for a career specializing in civil, chemical, electrical, or computer engineering. The list goes on, but any choice in engineering is a good one.

Engineers can use their talent to build in almost any facet of business and can expect high returns on their education. The scope of education ranges from associate’s degree to Ph.D. and research level, and many programs with the same caliber of in-house education are available online.


7. Health Care Administration

As the populations grow and ages, the need for healthcare administration grows as well. The health care administration field ranges from medical billing to assistant work, and with the growth of healthcare insurance, this work is imperative.

 Insurance agencies need specialized individuals to properly bill and administer healthcare facilities. The success of a proper practice is dependent on properly trained healthcare administrators.

6. Accounting

A degree in accounting is one that will indefinitely pay off. Every organization needs to pay their taxes, and thus everyone can use an accountant.

Online programs can prepare you for federal and state law methods of tax preparation and can set you up for licensing with a CPA certification. The degrees of accounting vary with different specializations, and all are available online.

5. Marketing

As the number of corporations multiples, the more people need proper marketing. With the advent of globalization through the internet, companies are now competing on an international scale.

People with degrees in marketing can assist through digital and print mediums, getting a company to stand out from the crowd. This degree can be officially beneficial on an ongoing basis since the advertising standards change almost daily.


4. Information Systems Management

A degree in information systems management will put you in charge of your company’s computer technology needs. IT specialists will determine the best technology for your company and the best execution of that technology.

Further, these specialists will work to keep all technology up to date.The field is in high demand and will continue to grow.

3. Web Design and Development

Sticking to the trend of technology, the number 3 spot goes to web design and development. A web designer works to create a properly executed website for businesses.

Students will study the fundamentals of marketing as well as coding and technology. As long as internet is king, this field will continue to grow.

2. Medical Assistant

A career as a medical assistant is a stable and fulfilling one. Medical assistants will work alongside doctors to assist patients with any basic needs preparing the doctor to focus on their specialized skills.

Medical assistants provide clerical and physical assistance, with their work ranging from filing to surgery assistance. This job is extremely necessary and will be lucrative for its permanence.


1. Graphic Design

The graphic designer is the modern day painter. A degree in graphic design will prepare you in creating logos, building imagery, and any other artistic components within a business.

The skills acquired by graphic designers are sought after and required by almost any business with a digital presence. This grabs the number 1 spot because of its technology-heavy workload, making it easy to study online. Also, who doesn’t want to create art all day?