The latest modern innovations and technologies amaze us in many new and creative ways. The more inventions the more wonders it brings to us but it will not be a mock if we say that human system is hundred times advanced than those. Here are some of the fantastic facts of the potentials our body carries that will stun you.


1. Working of human brain

Brain definitely is the most powerful organ of our brain. The more you keep your brain healthy the more productive it will be. And did you know the fact that the myth about human only using 10% of their brain is absolutely a false story?

Nothing has till now proved that people cannot or can use a certain portion of their brain capacity. As like every other part the brain also has its own function. The other thing that you must be aware of is that brain is not divided into the left or right brain.

In reality, our brain uses the same amount of resources as it is needed in certain time. Although the brain has a massive capacity to act it only uses those portions that are needed at the particular moment. The next time the brain might use less or more resources.

2. Megapixels of eyes

We always want a camera with high pixels so that we can get our picture clean. They are highly digitalized cameras in the world with advance imagine sensor but nothing is comparable to our eyes. It is said that our eyes have a huge amount of pixels, around 120 million.

The inner parts of the eyes have the high amount of sensors which enables color sensitivity. Eyes are said to be the second complex organ of the human body after the brain. And eyes and brain are linked together, as our eyes are constantly moving the brain acts fast and capture various images.

When you are looking at the certain thing without moving your eyeballs fast the resolution moves from 120MP to almost 480MP. This high level of quality cannot be compared to the digital cameras.

3. Brain storage

It is studied that brain is able to store information between 10 terabytes and 100 terabytes. One terabyte is equal to one thousand gigabytes which are one million megabytes. There are close to 100 billion neurons in our brain which has the potential to capture as many information you want.

The brain storage capacity increases with your ability to study more. So how much stuff can you store, your brain can store 4.7 billion books, 20 million four-drawer files of cabinets full of texts, 670 million web pages, or 14 years of HD television recordings.


4. Data storage in human body

There are many types of research that have been done about this topic and there are shocking results we can hear. Every part of the human body has the capacity to fetch data and store it safely. Fingernails, eyes, skin tissues, teeth and another part of the body have the power to accumulate various information.

The volume of storage of the body is far more than any of the latest gadgets that we use these days. According to a research, the mass of all stored information of mankind will peak to 40 zettabytes by 2020. There is a close volume of data that has already been stored now.

And do you know an interesting fact: The total data that the planet earth has is 40 zetta-bytes where the data storage capacity of a human body is 60 zettabytes.

5. Speed of human brain

Have you ever thought in what speed the world's fastest train the Shanghai Maglev Train operates? Our brain will run like a flash if you have the right ability to use it. It is said that around 100,000 chemical make reactions in our brain. This reaction is not per minute but per second.

Isn't it amazing? The pace is equal to the swiftness of the Shanghai Maglev Train which easily reaches 270 miles per hour i.e. 430 kilometers per hours. 

7. Human heart

We guess our heart works more than us. It has multiple functions in our body and it is the main reason why we are living a healthy and fit life. Did you know that the heart beats about 100,000 times which is four thousand one hundred and sixty-six second per hour?

It also sends two thousand gallons of human blood throughout our body. Our heart may only have the size of our fist but it has many jobs which help our body to regulate in a good way. Heart makes sure that sixty thousand miles of blood vessels are always filled with good and fresh blood and is passed to the tissues and organs.

8. Skin

Average individual's skin makes the total coverage of two square meters. Skin is the major part of our body and it weighs about 15% of our entire body weight. Your skin renews itself in 28 days and gets rid of dead cells on its own.

There are three hundred thousand skin cells in human being while considering a skin cell it is about ninety million cells in one square. This one square inch has up to three hundred sweat glands. An average young man has twenty-one square feet of skin that are six thousand and three hundred sweat glands.

Another important thing that you may not know is that skin is not directly connected to our brain but to our muscles. It sends the sense of cold and heat more quickly. Additionally, the skin has five different kinds of the receptor which makes a response to touch and pain.

9. Human nose and ears

Nose is the gateway to breathe air even we are able to inhale with our mouth it is very uncomfortable. The air that passes from our nose is humidified by our nose. The nose prepares the air which is appropriate for our throat and lungs, as dry air is not tolerable by these organs. The air is moisturized by the multiple layer structure called turbinate, the side wall inside the nose.

When it comes to ear, the smallest bones in our entire body can be found in the middle of our ears. The entire ear is divided into three different parts. The inner ear, outer ear, and middle ear, all of these parts have their own particular functions. Ears function well even when you are deeply asleep, we don’t hear anything because the brain tends to block them.


10. Human Bones

Bones support the organs and muscles to make the human body stand firm. Bones also regulates our calcium levels which is a crucial part of our system to operate well. It is said that there are 300 bones when we are born but it ends up being just 206 as many bones in out skull gets fused together when we grow bigger.

 Did you know bones can be self-destructive? If the essential elements are not supplied to the bones then it results in its break down. It is caused by certain hormones of our body. Teeth are also like bones which contain minerals and calcium as found in bones.