Have you ever had low energy levels just after you have had your lunch? Are you one of those people who get sufficient hours of sleep, have their morning coffee but still feel drained or even sleepy?

This could be your body’s way of telling you that your diet is not the best. There are certain foods that cause a dip in your energy levels. They include but are not limited to:


Chicken breasts are easy to work with whenever you want to make a meal. However, despite being white meat and a healthier option, they are detrimental to energy levels. These have an abundance of tryptophan which is then converted into serotonin.

This is a ‘feel good’ transmitter and helps to induce sleep and relaxation. You can see why it is not a good idea to have chicken breasts in the course of the day. Vitamin B6 and zinc are some of the minerals that are present in this type of food. They are instrumental in the conversion of tryptophan.

Instead of chicken breasts, you can try other poultry and products such as eggs, ham and bacon. These may not be as healthy as chicken but they tend to have a lot of tyramine. This amino acid is the opposite of the tryptophan as it boosts alertness in your brain.

Additionally, this amino acid helps to regulate your blood pressure. Pork seems to have the highest supply of tyramine, except for cured ham. However, the intake of tyramine-high foods should also be limited as it causes migraines. This can be traced back to the amino acid raising the blood pressure.