Everything on The Hype House on TikTok, Members, Location, and More

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Everything on The Hype House on TikTok, Members, Location, and More

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The Hype House TikTok Members, Location, Address, Zillow, Rent, Who made/owns,The Hype House TikTok In LA, Instagram Youtube, Tik Tok and More:

Hype House is a collaborative attempt to bring all the social media stars on hype together. In fact, it’s literally a house in Los Angeles where stars create content.

Mostly includes the Tik Tok stars, there are also few internet sensations from Youtube and Instagram.

For that matter, it’s basically a sanctuary for all those famous faces in viral videos. Well, the house itself has earned glorious fame on social media.

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That’s because an account in the name of ‘The Hype House’ has over 4 million followers on Tik Tok. Likewise, it has amassed thousands of Instagram followers.

So, let’s get into the details of the Hype House and all the mystery attached to it.

Where is the hype house? Its Address or Location

The Hype House is not an old bungalow or haunted villa in the movies. In fact, it is the residence of social media stars under a roof.

It’s more like a Silicon Valley with tech giants inside a circle. The big house with a rent of $900 per month for a room.

Located in the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles, the house has an enormous kitchen, dining and living quarters, a backyard swimming pool.

The Spanish-style mansion stands at top of the hill in the gated street, Los Angeles according to sources.

Who owns/made the hype house?

The idea of collaborating similar minds under the same roof is not new. It has happened both virtually and physically before.

However, inspired by the young generation and teenage Tik To stars, this was probably the first move.

The first move by Youtube star Thomas Petrou. Thomas is a Youtube Vlogger who started creating vines at the age of 13.

The native of Los Angeles became a magnet to attract all the social media stars to the city of angels.

What is the hype house Zillow?

The Hype House has every famous social media faces either full-time or part-time. Therefore, there is no doubt it’s a dream for every social media fan and followers.

As per the sources, a room in rent costs $900 a month in the mansion. Therefore, despite the hefty charge, the house is a Zillow for many.

The Hype house Members: Who lives in the house?

The Tik Tok stars these days, famous ones actually are mostly found in the house all day long shooting videos and clips.

However, as of now, there are 19 full-time members in the house. Apparently, all these stars are familiar ones to Tik Tok followers and Youtube vlog lovers.

The list includes Addison Rae, Alex Warren, Byrce Hall, Dixie and Charlie, Kouvr, Nick Austin, Lil Huddy, Thomas Petrou, and may more.

Why did Charlie leave the house?

Charlie D’Amelio is no doubt on the top when it comes to Tik Tok’s popularity. She was a full-time member of the hype house.

However, recent rumors suggest that she has left the house. Although, the details on why are yet to be known.

The teenagers under the same roof, there are a million things that could go wrong. Well, someone leaving the house was always a possibility.

How Much is the hype house Worth from TikTok?

The Hype House has a Tik Tok profile on the name. In fact, it has over 4 million followers and is a verified one.

The details on it’s worth, however, is under review for now.

The hype house on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube

It’s not only Tik Tok that has created the hype of the house. Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube have profiles under the name.

With hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram, it’s Youtube channel also has more than 66 thousand subscribers but without content so far.