Toxic relationship habits most people think are healthy

'The three horrors of modern life – talk without meaning, desire without love, work without satisfaction.' – Mignon McLaughlin

It is harder to keep relationship safe as we are so much caught up in the rush of this world. We are lost in the way to find a perfect balance in our life between professionalism and family. There are people believing happy relation is a myth and looking for approaches to get away.

With a high rate of relationship failure and the confusion in knowing the cause, there are several other problems raised by it. Many are unaware of adjusting with their partners and kids in the life-changing circumstances.

Before situations get tougher we must be wisely concerned about making the relationship ground strong and steady. The matter of fact is your relationship habits are to be considered as the foremost reason for breakage in your love bond.

Some relationship habits which you believe to be good are the unhealthiest one. It may be quite normal to you, other people, and even society but it is unhealthy and toxic. Here are some of the toxic relationship habits people think are healthy.


1. Keeping the peace

Ignoring issues and keeping silence can be felt as an easier way to let things go however it is not. You may not like to bother your partner wanting to keep the peace but it does not work that way.

Although digesting your feelings may seem like a good way to keep from away into conflict nevertheless conflict avoidance has its limits. Communication in a relationship is very much essential even if is a brawl one.

You are upset with your partner and there is no way it can be solved without talking. Staying quiet is the strongest formula for making thing more and worse.

Suppression of ghastly feelings by not choosing them to come up, you are only allowing it to create an unhealthy relationship. You must know that there are several positive aspects of sharing how you feel about certain action, behavior, words, or any other things related to your partner.

When you share your feelings you get another chance to strengthen your bond. It is a way to permit you to solve the problems that have been causing difficulties. If not you, your partner will be able to figure out the error and try to fix it. End of the problems will lift up for love for higher.


2. Keeping Score

While in love we search our true life partner and in this run, we want to make sure that both you and your other-half are on equal footing.

But where does the quest for equality stop and scorekeeping begin? When you start tracking down partner's fall and pointing it out, automatically conflict rises. It is for sure that we want 50/50 relationship with our partner but noting when your partner fails to complete one task is poisonous.

You can instead make a workout plan about what course of work is to be done by whom. The daily life plan will help you maintain an order which may include child care, pet care, household chores, money works, and so on.

Other than that you can also include individual preferences like movies, date, coffee time, or even strength or weakness and make your time worth it. If you and your partner are not happy the plan can be changed as well.


3. Tit-for-tat

Following this behavior, you tend to attack the other partner with the same or even worse situation that they made you feel. One partner tells or does the same thing that the other did to upset them. You feel the sense of defending yourself and responding in an inferior way.

If you or your partner has this habit you turn aside what's your responsibilities and keep piling up and showing problems to your partner. The other may feel disrespected and dominated and creates disinterest in a relationship.

The important thing is to understand why your partner is behaving the particular way. You must rather try to understand them and acknowledge things they have been doing. If not there will be an increasing conflict which promotes relationship failure.

In argument, while having the feeling of tit-for-tat never stops in a concrete solution rather the problem gets puffed. The pointless discussion will be unhealthy for your love and never ever lead you to resolution.



4. Never Fighting

People say fighting is obviously not good for any relationships but I think never fighting also will effects relation. Conflict and fighting in a true relationship is a very normal phenomenon. It is also the sign of your relationship is getting stronger and happier.

People refuse to fight or argue assuming it will create distance between you and your partner however it may turn opposite. You will be locked in certain pattern and suppress your feelings and may never be close to your partner.

When you fight you will be getting close, not having even occasional arguments does not mean that the couple is very much honest with each other. Not arguing means you will have less chance to share what you really with each other.

A relationship without small fights and less sharing is not for a long go. The negative feelings are ought to come out somehow which can be done through arguments. Those feelings may also take the form of insomnia, digestive issues, or nuisance. It is better to have arguments and make your bond stronger.


5. Jealousy

People often are likely to believe jealousy to be a sign of love however it is one of the most toxic things that should not be brought into a relationship. This sign may lead to abuse and passiveness which can also be the cause of the end of the love affair.

Jealousy can be a serious problem as it is the main factor which arises insecurity and we tend to seek other who we think will keep us secured. Insecurity also develops negativity in people and when a negative thought comes, by the way, it harms the relationship.

However, there are also some ways to deal with this thought in a productive way. The first thing you should do is build a sense of security and be confident about your relationship. It is the most to communicate with your partner about the way you feel about them and try to give them time and space.

Calmly sharing your feeling will help you find a solution and deal the situation in a good manner. This way you will not only let your bad feelings down but also develop trust, understanding, and come closer.


6. Wanting someone to 'Complete' you

'You Complete Me' is the most romantic and beautiful words that can make your heart pound out of the chest. This feeling is necessary for an ideal relationship however it is quite a toxic sentiment.

It is a thinking that can destroy your happy love life. You tend to get dependent on your partner and also believe that you are less than a whole.

You may even start leaning on your love in many or every decision that is related to your life. Placing so much importance build up is not only bad for your love but also for you.

Even though believing your partner to be the other half of you is not wrong but you should know to what extent. You should not be depending on your partner that you may not see life beyond you.



7. Online Monitoring

It for sure that no one likes to be monitored or ruled. Monitoring your partner online is the worst thing you can do. You may be doing it because of being insecure in your relationship if so have a talk or leave.

If you believe that your partner is cheating on you then the only thing to make it clear is to have communication. However, the matter of fact is if there is trust in a relationship there is no need for spying.

Stalking through media sites verifying partner's day-to-day activities is because of lack of trust and communication.

For all the time you spend on checking on posts, likes, locations, and so on the best thing that can be done is communication. You don’t have to waste your time and if the conversations do not go well you can take a quick leave.


8. Conflict disguised as passion

Resolution after a huge fight is more romantic than ever as we watch it in movies but remember it does not work in real life. Small fights or arguments is fun in love until it takes a bigger shape.

This kind of conflict and intense reconciliation is a way that builds the avoidance of deep intimacy. Extreme fight in a frequent run is not good for a relationship; there may be difficulties in resolution and communication. This problem may arise when there is immaturity and can also end in abuse and violence.

Instead of assuming conflict and resolution can make your love deeper better try to talk in peace and bring a solution. This makes your connection strong and both will be aware of what is the relationship lacking behind.


9. More Communication

Okay, we agree communication is the key to everything and the most for a healthy relationship. But constant communication is not okay and also little wired. This is pretty and lovely when you are newly in a relationship, you may want to be closer.

Talking and chatting online each and every hour, making an hourly report of what is happening in life, what you ate, where you have visited, and so on makes relationship boring. You can make your partner stick to you if you bring surprises in their life.

It does not mean that you should totally lessen the communication but make your partner wait for it. Let them think about you, miss you, and desire to meet you.



10. Buying gifts as solutions

It is probably the most effective way to make your loved ones happy. The other partner will have quick makeup and forget the fight. But this pleasant thing can make you pay off in your relationship.

This habit reduces proper communication and resolution. Your partner might feel like a cash machine as their problems are not being heard. Giving gifts brightens your partner for a less time. But solving their issues they have with you will be more effective.

So the next time you try solving the problem through gift let that gift be your time and word.