Bali is among the 17,000 islands in Indonesia. It is one of the most visited islands in the country with many infrastructures for tourism.

Bali Quick Guide:

  • Area: 5,633 km²
  • Location: Located on the Java Sea on the Indian Ocean
  • Population: 4.225 million (2014)
  • Currency: Indonesian Rupiah
  • Official Language: Bahasa Bali & Bahasa Indonesia
  • Population Density: 730/km2 (2014)
  • Religion: Agama Hindu Dharma (Balinese Hinduism), Muslim, Buddhist
  • Time zone: WITA (UTC+08)
  • Weather: Tropical, warm and humid climate
  • Famous For: Hindu Temple, Islands, Coral Reefs, and Volcanic Mountains
  • Airport: Denpasar International Airport (Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport)
  • Official Web:

You will find several beaches, historical monuments, landmarks, museums, and many places to visit. So if you are wondering where to visit in your upcoming holiday, Bali can be on the bucket list.


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