Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic commonly has a cold climate. If you want to avoid coldness, warmer summer days are the best time for you to visit. However, the arrival of tourist is high in number at the time.

Prague Quick Guide: 

  • Area: 496 km²
  • Location: North-west of the Czech Republic on the Vltava River
  • Population: 1.259 million (2015)
  • Currency: Koruna
  • Official Language: Czech
  • Population Density: 30,000/km2
  • Religion: Roman Catholic, Muslims, Protestant, Jewish
  • Time zone: UTC +1, UTC +2
  • Weather: mild summers and very cold winters
  • Famous For: Beer, Bohemian Platter and Beautiful architecture, castle
  • Airport: Vaclav Havel Airport Prague
  • Official Web:

Prague can also be visited during the springtime and early falls. It is the time when the weather is mild. But we must say every season in Prague has its own different charm. So, if you are making up your mind to travel around Prague, here is some of the important list to be noted.


1. Attractions

2. Sacred Religious Sites

3. Museums

4. Shopping and Fashion

5. Food and Drink

6. Hotels and Accommodation

7. Cruises, Sailing and Water Tours

8. Day trip and Excursions

9. Nature and Parks

10. Fun and Games

11. Casinos and Gambling

12. Concert, Events and Shows

13. Night life

14. Transportation

15. Outdoor Activities

16. Zoo and Aquariums

17. Spa and Wellness

18. Culture and Festivals

19. Performing Arts and Photography

20. Dating and Honeymoon



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