Wondering what things to do first in Las Vegas? Don’t be confused. Here is some guidance for your travel ease to Vegas. 

This city has the liveliest nightlife and vibrant areas covered with 24 hours casinos with several others places for entertainment purpose. Here are the 20 best things to do in Las Vegas. 


1. Visit the world - famous casinos

No tourist can escape the sin city of Las Vegas which is so much appealing. There are many casinos in the city which cannot be unseen. The Caesars Palace is the 50 years old casino in the town which is one of the last old-school properties remaining.

If you are not really into the casino thing then you can visit the Gamblers General Store where you can find a library that can teach you how to gamble. There are poker places named Bellagio or Golden Nugget which can give you the thrill of really being in the Las Vegas City.


2. Go to concert

Well, Las Vegas is the city of dream where you can see the real stars performing for you. You can find an A-list artist, musicians, and bands, set up for vivid actions. There will always be some or even group of musical stars putting their show on.

Just check the date and if you get lucky there can be popular stars like Cher, Bruno Mars, Celine Dion, or Miley Cyrus. Returning home without the real concert experience won't be exciting.

3. Have a roller coaster time


The 550 feet tall giant Ferris Wheel on the Las Vegas Strip is the next plan that is the must on your list. There are 28 cabins that can hold 40 passengers at a time and has the force which is equal to 550 tons that is equal to nearly 100 elephants.

The High Roller is taller than the Bellagio Hotel and close to the Wynn Las Vegas. So don't you wanna have a ride on the world's highest Ferris wheel?

4. See Italy in Vegas

Las Vegas is undoubtedly the most magical place on earth. If you have finally reached Las Vegas and is planning to get Italy next, why not see Italy in Las Vegas itself. The Venetia Hotel in Las Vegas is made carrying the theme of Venice, Italy.

There are Guggenheim Hermitage Museum, four different theatres, nightclubs, the grand gallery and the best is the Rialto Bridge at the Venetian.


5. Dwell in the world of water

Mandalay Bay is a luxurious resort and casino which is famous for its 11 acres pool area with three heated pools. There is a lazy river with small waterfall and wave pool for children. With 1.6 million gallons of water, it is the best place not to miss in Las Vegas.

Shark Reef Aquarium at the Mandalay Bay is the next best attraction which is a home to over two thousands marine animals. The aquarium has giant rays, sawfish, piranha, rare golden crocodile, and much more.

6. Get lost into the wild


Many see Las Vegas as the city of gambling, nightlife, entertainment, and shopping but there are things beyond those. The city has several mountains and canyons are surely a good hiking option for you. Going to hike in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area during the winter is the best time.

It is the world-class route and trails which leads you to the lovely giant rocks. The place is seventeen miles to the south-west of Las Vegas. It is opened for the visitors from 8 am to 4:30 pm every day.

7. Visit Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam in the Las Vegas in the Black Canyon is on the border connecting Nevada and the Arizona. It has been between the two-state for eighty years from now and has the total length of 1,244 ft and height of 726.4 ft.

You can walk onto the bridge or also have a good view from the boat on the Lake Mead. If you are addicted to knowing more about history then seeing this place will surely add some knowledge.


8. Drown yourself in the backlight

Just visited Las Vegas and not been to Peppermill's Fireside Lounge, dude you missed the whole Vegas. So if you don’t want to be the one add this place to you list. You will get drowned into the blacklight and the cool atmosphere there.

Visiting to Peppermill, you will be served with unique drinks and the most amazing food of the Las Vegas. Throw yourself to the dance floor and have the best time of your life.  

9. Experience the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas


After many surprise list in the Las Vegas now next comes the visit to the Eiffel Tower. Except for the beautiful tower, you can enjoy the casinos, table game, or even the horse racing. Keno Lounge is also the best attraction there.

The French-themed restaurants and bars will make you hungry for more French foods and beverage. So have the experience of Paris in the Sin City.

11. Get hot and steamy in a spa

Yes, we got you, after several hours roaming around the Las Vegas city you may want to have a relaxing time. So visiting a spa is the best thing to do. Sahra Spa & Hammam at the Cosmopolitan is one among the best spas available in the Las Vegas.

To have the best Chinese foot spa you can go to the Mandarin Oriental where you have a perfect treatment too. There are several other spas which will give the best spa healing ever.

12. Examine the criminal world thoroughly


The Mob Museum, officially known as the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement in the Las Vegas. It portrays the history, artifacts, and the stories of the organized crime in the America. Visiting this place you will know about many gangsters like John Gotti, Bugsy Siege, and Al Capone. It is located in the area of downtown northeast few blocks of the Fremont Street Experience.

13. Have a pinball skill test

Once you are pleased gambling Pinball Hall of fame is the next stop for you in Las Vegas. This museum for the pinball machines is a project of Las Vegas Pinball Collectors Club. This old school of an arcade is the largest collection of the pinball game in the world.

There are over 200 different games of pinball that you can enjoy which are from old days to modern technology.  


14. Enjoy the dancing water

The dancing fountains is one of the other most eye-catching attractions in Las Vegas. The name is Bellagio is inspired by the Lake Como Town. This musical fountain performs in front of the hotel Bellagio for thirty minutes every afternoon and early evenings.

If you missed the magical water dance you will be able to see it for fifteen minutes from 8 pm to midnight.

15. Zip through the Vegas sky


If you are an adventure seeker then you ought to try the SlotZilla zip line. This zip line will take you a different excitement level which was never felt before. The SlotZilla is located at the Fremont Street Experience. It is a slot machine which offers two ways fly from the lower zip line and the upper zoom line.

16. Spare some time for circus

Las Vegas is a home for Cirque Du Soleil which is the world's largest theoretical producer. You will definitely have a freshening time getting to the marvelous theaters in Las Vegas. There are several highly talented artists which will make your time worthwhile.  Some of the places can be O at the Bellplaces Absinthe's Spiegeltent outside the Caesars Place and so on.


17. Roam around the Neon Museum

The city of Las Vegas shines bright like a star as the sun goes down. You can see thousands of flashing lights around the city that makes it very much attractive. The Neon Museum is the most wonderful thing you will see in the night light. The museum features signs from The Moulin Rouge Sign, The Yucca Motel Sign, Pooler Sign and much more.

18. Taste from million dollars wine collection


There may be hundreds of bar in the Las Vegas but the Rio Wine Cellar is where you must visit. It is a well-known wine bar which has over ten thousand bottles of wine with hundred plus varieties. The best part is it served with the rustic-chic glass. The collection includes bottles of Madeira from Thomas Jefferson's personal Stash and Chateau d'Yquem.

19. Grab some best steak

Have you heard about the most delicious Kobe beef, there are few people who have tasted it. This food is only permitted in limited place in the United States and you can find three places which serves this food in Las Vegas. This thing will melt in your mouth and you will always want more. The restaurants that serve this dish are Jean Georges Steakhouse, Jose Andres Bazaar, and SW Steakhouse.


20. Have a high jump

The Stratosphere Las Vegas is a tower, casino, and hotel on Las Vegas Boulevard. You can jump from high above the sky down to the earth from the Stratosphere. The sky jump is a free fall that will send you from high sky straight to the solid ground from 829 feet. If you do not want to have a free fall then you just can have a view of the Las Vegas, as it is the tallest building in Nevada.