Well, planning for a beach break in itself sounds a lot of fun. Swimming and sunbathing surely bring colors into life but there are much more you can do to make your time more amusing.

Here we have brought you the most fun activities to do at the beach in 2018. These activities will brighten your beach time which you can treasure till your next visit to the beach.


1. Treasure Hunt

This surely is the best thing you can do while you are on a beach. You can start a treasure hunt with your family member or friends. Collect printed scavenger hunts and hide it everywhere around you. Then make your friend look after it.

If you are not fond of printed cards for a treasure hunt, you can also hide kinds of stuff like beach toys, sunglasses, small shells, or sand dollars. This game can be made more fun when you set time limit and a wired punishment.

You must agree this is the best time-pass but younger people might have got bored with this hunting game. In this case, this game can be very useful when you are busy doing works and want your kids to be engaged in less dangerous stuff.


2. Sand Mermaid

You may have built lots of sandcastle making a sand mermaid with your friend is more fun. This is as simple and fun as building the castle with sand. You don’t need any special tools, just some friends. LOL!!! Okay, first you have to make your friends lie on the beach and cover half of their body till waist with sand.

As you cover their bodies make the figure of the mermaid and add some texture of mermaid. You can also cover their full body and add featured like hands, dress and a big tail. We assure that you will surely have unlimited enjoyment making a human sand mermaid.

If you don’t agree that this will bring fun you can carry to make your old lovely sandcastle. For making a sandcastle all you need is some water, sand, and some tool for convenience. You might also need a bucket to easily shape the building.


3. Collect Seashells and create cover letters

Seashells can be found on any beach near the water. There are millions of shells which can be collected according to color or shape. You can take a cup or bag along with you for this shell hunt. But make sure there is nothing inside it.

If this idea sounds little boring the other thing you can do is make lovely craft projects. You can playfully glue the shells to a big board or cut the board into letters and paste the seashells to make lovely letter art.

You can also add some small gems to make it look shiny and beautiful. The art can also be done in by giving a different shape to the board.



4. Play sand Tic-Tac-Toe or Hangman

You may have the Tic-Tac-Toe or hangman game on your cell phone but nothing can beat its fun playing it under the sun. This is not only great for kids but also for adults who do not really want to run around or play with the water.

If you are an active type you may prefer ball games like volleyball or game of catch. You can also build stack pebbles which it in-fact a great time pass and fun game for everyone. All you have to do is collect different sizes of stones and small pebbles can start building a stack.

The stack building game can also be played between two parties, search stones and build in time and the winner gets a gift wow isn't that fun. You can also play ball games like volleyball and have a good time pass.


5. Take Pictures

This tip might be the most obvious but apparently, pictures are very much important. Don’t you agree? After all, you are on a vacation. You can look the photos after several years and bring back the memories. But those simple photos can be captured in more fun ways.

You can create photo illusions or make 3d arts at the beach. There is also funky sand faces illusion that can be made and captured. For this, you have to take some measures to create an appropriate photo illusion which can be easily learned.

There can also be made beach arts with pebbles and shells you have collected. You can make whatever you want like a sea fish or smiley or small houses and take pictures of your creation.


6. Plaster of Paris Sand Prints


Being back captured memories is fun but bringing back your own part can be much more exciting. Don’t get confused we are talking about creating Plaster of Paris mold of your hand to celebrate the beach vacation.

For this process, you do not need more tools you just need Plaster of Paris to create the mold of your or your children's hand and feet. First, measure some plaster of Paris in the container and pour 1:1.5 amount of water.

Put and firmly press your hand or leg or other stuff you want to mold in clean sand, make sure that the sand area is moist. Pour the plaster and fill the area and leave it until is properly dry. Take it off gently and give a quick rinse and the job is done.




7. Create Sundial

While a stick and stones may not be of great use during many other times of our life or of no use it can be a great source of fun while enjoying time on the beach. Sundial is an easy and fun way to create and analyze time at the beach. All you need is a stick and some stones. This is also probably the best way to teach your children how old days used to be like.

This is quite a way to pass time at the beach rather staying under the sun or umbrella. Your time at the beach will probably be boring if you are ideal while others are having the best time of their life. These kinds of ways are good and fun sources to teach science experiments to your kids so that they may learn while enjoying.

Furthermore you can also learn by making other things like sand castle and sand volcano with your children at the beach. 


8. Enjoy picnic

We can never get the true taste of home food from the products we buy near the beach shops. They are very much expensive even does not really satisfy you. So, get set to have a beach picnic. Grab some sandwiches, fries, cheese, crackers, chickens or some of your favorite foods.

You can also take some fresh fruits or salads if you want to have a healthy summer. This idea is definitely inexpensive and a lot healthier. The best way to have varieties of foods is to give a food list for every individual who is coming to the picnic, while everyone brings something new it is a feast in itself.

Although picnic party is faint without alcoholic beverages it is better not to carry along with you. It is because of the hot weather and some beaches even restrict this item. Rather drink plenty of water and enjoy the splashing and surfing in the beach.


9. Enjoy Bonfire

The idea of the bonfire in the summer night at the beach never goes wasted. Some might not want to do this as it is a bit of extra work. Here we are telling you the easy way to prepare the best bonfire of your life. Creating a bonfire is just a few minutes work that will bring lifetime memory.

First of all, collect some good amount of firewood. Then clear a wide circle of about 4-foot and pile your firewood loosely in the middle of the circle. Place tinder on the top and set the kindling to flame. Gently blow some air but be carefully slow to avoid any damage.

Then after the fire is set properly start adding firewood on top. Keep on adding pieces of wood, start with small to bigger chunk of woods. The other things you need is a lighter to create fire, some pieces of paper will make the job easier.



10. Read Books

Well this may not sound a real fun to those who are not really into reading books but we got you book lovers, it is the best thing you can do if you love books. You might be imagining about the crowd and rush in the beach site, fine it is justifiable but you can search a little quite palace. Nothing can give pleasure than this to those who are crazy about books.  

Also, the reading is not only done holding big bulky novels or books, you can grab some latest magazines or newspapers and have a good look. If you presume this idea to be a failure then you can also take an iPod or small tape with audiobook tape in it and listened with your headphone on.

Or else you can listen to your favorite artist and enjoy the sun, the beach, the water, and the fun happening near you.