You have got a green signal from your crush and had settled a dream date. You have prepared so well that you looking “hot AF” in fitting flawless dress. You are in front of your loved ones, staring each other very romantically. Heavenly candle fame is giving some kind of seducing feeling and you are crawling your hand to touch of one another. And, suddenly attendant arrives with a food.

You want to stay as sexy and puzzling lady but there comes a food that you need to be a fighter to eat that food. For example, you aren’t that good at using chopsticks and you have ordered noodles and it turns into a disaster. Next is, you have been smiling all through the date and when you finally leave for the washroom, you realize you were showing your teeth with spinach stuck in it. Oops!, you somehow have ruined your dream date. Here are some rescue tips for ordering food in your first date.



Hot Wings/ Ribs



Sandwiches and subs


Corn on the Cob


Onions and Garlics

Vanilla Ice-cream

New Block




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