When you’re America’s president kids it’s pretty stiff to stay away from media’s radar but Malia Obama has managed to keep a very low profile of her. The eldest from the Obama’s family was just 10 years old when she moved to White House to live there with her parents.

Since the Barack Obama is no longer the president of United States, here is some inside news about her darling daughter whom he loved the most.

She has quite an extravagant birthday which is a lifelong memory to be cherished for

Knowing that having a father who loves you a lot and who is always there by your side is special. And when your father is the president of United States is even more special. Before his father Barack Obama was elected as US president, she had some amazing birthdays in a hotel room, some of which joined by dear daddy. Her father celebrated her 18th birthday in quite a style and even sang a piece for the night.

A solid reason behind naming her Malia

Malia has always carried herself with full of grace and elegance and why not she has the most beautiful name on earth which means queen when translated. The Obama family wants to name their daughter which can associate their African and Arabic roots, a powerful yet the one which can touch the tradition, so they ended up with a name Malia.

As obedient children of their parents, she never took her parents million dollar fortunes for granted

When their dad Barack Obama was elected the president of US, the Obama sisters was still too young with an immense innocence and get-to-go spirit.

They grew up to be a well brought up teenage right in front of the eyes of US audience. Now the Obama has officially left the White House, she as an eldest from the family is expected to grow in a very well-mannered and sophisticated lady.

A secret code name

When you have the responsibility to look after the President kids, the anxiety and stress level is sure to hit your nerves. And when it’s come down to looking after the President daughters, the stake is even higher.

But the Obama’s daughter made it quite comfortable for the guards. The US secret serviced named Malia as Radiance whereas Sasha’s code name was Rosebud.

Star crush

While growing up, Malia was star struck by singer Nick Jonas. Although there is a huge possibility that she might have a new celebrity crush today, back in her early days, she had a huge crush on this star.

This special fact about her was revealed by dad Barack Obama during his 2008 presidential campaign. So, we can speculate that the news might have upset her as it was disclosed by none other than her own dad and that too in a national television.

A heart-warming letter from Bush sisters

Not only Malia and her sister Sasha received an open letter from father Obama, the ladies even got a private letter from Bush sisters. The emotional letter was all about to ruminate their first meeting and their time at White House, which was presented to the girls when they left Washington.

She is doing her best to manage a low profile at Harvard

In August 2017, People confirmed that Malia Obama has officially moved into her dorm at Harvard. The former first daughter is now the official freshman at Harvard University.

But despite having an enormous public image, Malia is trying best to keep a low profile during her time at Harvard. Basically, she won't be using her father’s status and fame.

The Obama family's beautiful vacation in Bali

The Obama family chose a date of June 2017 for a trip to Indonesia. The tour wasn’t any fashionable and it hadn’t any big moments but what surprising was Michelle, Malia and Sasha’s yellow sarongs which they wore during their visit at Tirta Empul Temple.

The girls truly respected the traditions and customs of wearing the fabric on the top of their clothing when visiting holy sites.

Malia’s leading the footsteps of her mother Michelle Obama in terms of fashion sense

Malia Obama has always had a great fashion style. She has appeared graceful and elegant on various occasion. Her mother considered as a fashion icon surely may have influenced her incredible style evolution. But she too isn’t far behind when it comes to styling own self with pretty decent dressing sense.

She has developed a strong fashion sense over a time, whether it’s matching overcoats, stylish boots, her fashion sense is nowhere to be false.

Malia has an interest in acting and movies

An ambitious girl like Malia Obama can’t have single interest. She is interested in sports especially tennis. But her liking and interest don't seem to end here, especially when it comes down to films, her interest reaches a new height.

If any of you think that her passion for films ends as a production assistant on the set of HBO’s Girls and Extant then let us tell you are totally wrong.

During the Sundance Film Festival, Malia attended the screening of the movie Beach Rats. To know more about filmmaking, Malia visited a couple of colleges best known for filmmaking which includes New York University.

She was an intern in the US Embassy in Spain

If anybody is surprised about how Malia developed Spanish skills then let us tell you that Malia was an intern at the U. S. Embassy in Spain. To get things going in her way, she spent her first summer as a high school graduate in the best possible manner by working in the Spain.

An entire year of service as an intern in Spain, in the summer of 2017, the rumors started circulating that she was fired from the internship for smoking marijuana. Since we told you that the news was reportedly fake, we can only guess that Malia might follow her father footsteps and have a political career in the future, however; no news has yet been confirmed about it.



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