The truth about tanning, ‘Your natural skin color is great the way it is’.

No matter how much you hear about tanning beds, the extreme damage caused by UV radiation can lead to early skin aging and skin cancer. These days tanning has become a fashion to give a glow to your skin. However, studies claim that it is to stop, from the sun or from a tanning bed.

According to the study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), in the US around 35% of adults and 55 % of college students have tanned their body in tanning beds. Let’s find out the truth about tanning and skin cancer.


1. No one is utterly safe

As per the research, US alone have 400,000 cases of skin cancer accredited to indoor tanning. Dermatologist claims that tanning is more detrimental and hazardous than smoking.  

American dermatologist society researched that one people among five who regularly tan in tanning bed develop cancer. Studies proved skin cancer rate due to tanning is greater than the rate of lungs cancer triggered by smoking.

People have huge fallacies that people with fair-skinned are required to be more concerned regarding tanning beds or contact to the sun.

While people with darker skin possess defensive melanin pigment that leads to skin cancer and premature aging. Unfortunately, skin cancer in darker skin detects in the very late and in a dangerous stage.


2. Even one sunburn doubles your chances of developing skin cancer

Studies prove that just one sunburn is enough to develop melanoma in the human body. So, sun damage is something ridiculous that every individual tries hard to avoid more likely.

Sunburn is caused by the UVB portion of the sun rays. According to WHO, UV radiation "induces degenerative changes in cells of the skin, fibrous tissue and blood vessels leading to premature skin aging," among other dangers. Radiation also weakened the human immune system.



3. Tanning leads to serious damage to eyes

Direct rays could be perilous for naked eyes. Research proves that direct contact to UV rays develops the risk of eye disease that includes cataracts, growth on the eyes and cancer.

Annually millions of people have become the prey of cataracts that leads to blindness, among them 20% attributed to sun exposure.

Studies indicate that UV rays levels in a tanning bed are 100 times sturdier than general UV rays produced by the sun. So, tanning brings to vulnerable eyes condition.

UV rays damages the eyes that develops cataracts and also develops the uvea cancer. Slowly UV damage is increasing slowly so every age group need be aware and protect themselves from sun exposure.

According to ophthalmologist, an individual should wear 99 percent and advanced UV-absorbent sunglasses and a hat while outing to keep your eyes safe.



4. The young aren’t immune

Using of tanning bed increased in a rapid fashion. Generally, tanning salon customers are young girls and women of 19-29 years old. With this new trend, women are facing horrible cancer disease in their 20s.

Melanoma has robbed their young age. In a very early age, women used to look ridiculous with scars in their face and body attributed to tanning.

It’s a misconception that tanning gives a prettier look. With the aging, there is a high chance of skin cancer.


5. People usually get fooled by cloudy days

Generally, peoples believe that cloudy days reduce the probabilities of getting sunburn. So, people usually became less aware and forgot to put the sunglass, sunscreen, and hat while outing.

Research indicates that most harmful sunburns can emerge on cloudy days. Even though the sky covered with the cloud, the UV rays can directly touch your skin.

The sun rays reflect on the side of cloud that delivers more focused radiation on earth which is harmful to the skin. So, don’t get fooled by cloudy days. Staying longer in open shadow can give sunburn with high UV rays.


6. The winter is equally unsafe

Winters are still dangerous and insecure even if the sun doesn’t seem sturdier. All you need to do is to protect yourself from the detrimental UV rays presented on earth.

Winter can be deceiving so cover your body while outside to be safe. Usually, people used to enjoys outdoors during winter and snow could be your great villain, since it reflects light and could deliver the harmful rays to the body.

Sunbeams are most harmful and dangerous on snow compared to the beach. The UV rays are 2.5 times harmful in the snow. So, don't get fooled on a cool breeze winter. 

As per the research, eyes were more likely to get damaged while skiing in snow than playing on the beach side. 



7. Ignore the deceptive info about vitamin D

The human body generates vitamin D when your bare body exposed to sunlight, especially UVB rays. It doesn’t mean that tanning also develops body production.  Studies claim that most of the bulbs used on tanning release UVA radiation instead of needed UVB radiation.

Dermatologist claimed that tanning doesn’t produce the vitamin D that a body needed. Both the radiation UVA and UVB could lead an individual to skin cancer. So, Fallacies could drag people to death. Although UVB delivers vitamin D, it increases the risk of skin cancer.

Vitamin D can be absorbed only by exposing yourself to a certain amount of sunlight and taking hygienic diet containing the vitamin.


8. Is spray tan safer than tanning bed

In the dream of getting summer glow, people are opting spray tan over tanning bed or direct sun ray to get rid of skin disorder. Unfortunately, spray tan is not that much safer as it is expected to be.  

Researchers claimed that tan spay is only approved for the outer skin. There are certain areas to evade while tanning such as lips, nose or around the eyes.

Before getting spayed, an individual most talk with the saloon regarding the protecting from inhaling the harmful chemical in your mouth, nose, and eyes.  

As per recommendation, the customer must wear nose plugs, lip balm and goggles to protect themselves from a dangerous chemical used in the tan spray.


9. If you’ve tanned, frequently consult dermatologist

If you have used a tanning bed before the age of 30 then you must get regular skin checkup. Tanning at an early age increases the risk of melanoma by 75 percent.  

According to WebMD, an individual should immediately consult a doctor, if having a skin disorder. It may include a mole or change of skin color, its appearance or shape.  Something that looks similar to a mole that itches, bleeds and didn’t get healed in more than three weeks.

It may include a mole or change of skin color, its appearance or shape. Something that looks similar to a mole that itches, bleeds and didn’t get healed in more than three weeks.

Really, tanning has become a big issue for the western nation. As a fashionable trend, most of the young woman wants to get smooth. As a result, they suffer from different skin disease. So, it is necessary to consult with a doctor if you have ever tanned.



10. Must learn from the Aussies

Everyone must learn the lesson from Australians. Since 1980, UVB radiation has increased in Australia by 5 percent that leads the ozone diminution. Since then, numerous skin disorders has aroused in Australia.

 As per research, nearly two-thirds of Australian peoples are detected with skin cancer. Every year the figure is rising.

With the extreme consequences in the country, Australians government have implemented a strict rule in schools and daycare such as ‘no hat, no play’.

Now, children are not allowed to play outside with their brimmed hat. Adult also used sunglasses ad brimmed hat while outing to stay safe from skin cancer.