The Russian blue cat is common in many households. People like how gentle the feline is among other things.

Russian Blue Cat Quick Facts

Scientific Name: Felis catus

Origin: Arkhangelsk

Weight: 8 to 15 pounds

Height: Avg. 10 inches

Lifespan: 10 to 20 years

Habitat: Adapted for winter

Fun Fact: The silvery fur on the cat is as a result of a unique gene that is responsible for black hairs.

 Some of the untold truths about this cat breed include:


1. All Natural

Most popular cats are crossbreeds. The reason behind this is that people try to make cats better. This can be through eliminating their proneness to disease or the need to mix and match some genes.

Its originality and lack of crossbreeding are one of the reasons why the Russian blue cat is special. This cat is completely natural. A simple way to put it is that nature had it that way.

It is one of the few natural cats left in the world. This is surprising, considering the fact that this breed was almost wiped out during World War II. Yet, somehow, it still survived. The Russian blue cat is loved by many mostly because of its natural traits.

It is easy to maintain as a pet since it does not demand a lot of the owner. Getting yourself an all-natural cat would lead you to the beautiful Russian blue cat.


2. Origins

From the name, you can definitely guess where this cat comes from. The Russian blue cat was originally from Russia before it was taken to the United Kingdom in the 17th century.

It was then domesticated. This led to the increase in the population of the breed. This cat breed is also commonly referred to as the archangel cat.

This is tied to its origins as well. the name comes from the fact that the cat is thought to have its origin in Northern Russia.

In particular, it is said to have come from the Archangel Isles. Despite its origins, the Russian blue cat has since spread all over the world.

It is kept as a domestic cat in many homes because of its desirable traits. As a result of this, the cat is no longer predominantly found in Russia and Europe.

This is a phenomenon that is common with other domesticated cats as well.


3. Gentle with Children

Whenever you are looking for a cat, you must consider how friendly it is with children. This is especially important when you have children of your own.

You do not want to place the children or the cat in danger. The Russian blue cat is a perfect pet if you have children.

The reason why this breed is great for households with children is that the cats are gentle. They are extremely considerate of children.

Somehow, they can tell that these tiny humans are fragile and should be handled with care. While they might play more with adults, they are extremely cautious with children.

It is not uncommon to see Russian blue cats walking away from children when play gets too rough. They also climb onto higher places to avoid engaging the children. These cats generally prefer not to have a confrontation and so will avoid conflict at all costs.



4. Extremely Friendly but Timid

Like most other cats, the Russian blue cat is extremely friendly. It loves humans. The cats will also take time to play with the human owners.

However, the Russian blue cat can also be very timid. This is especially evident around strangers.

The cat will lay low and observe the stranger until it is comfortable enough to interact. Although the Russian blue cats are extremely friendly, they do not like to feel overcrowded.

They are also very sensitive. If you laugh at them, they become even more reserved. It is therefore important to make the cat believe that you are laughing at it.

These cats are friendly with all members of the household. Once you introduce them into your home, they will take some time to get accustomed to everyone.

Eventually, they will be comfortable with everyone and fit right in. You should not rush them in the process.

Otherwise, they will draw back and take longer to get accustomed to the environment.


5. Royalty

Imagine a cat with a crown and a royal robe. Can you see it? Well, unless it is a staged picture, the chances of seeing such a cat is very slim.

Interestingly, the Russian blue cat is actually known as a royal cat even though it has no crown, special cape or special treatment.

This started back in Russia. The Russian blue was owned by Russian tsars. They believed that this animal came from a long line of royalty.

This is why the tsars had to have them. If you dig deeper, you probably won’t find the proper definition of a royal cat.

Who are we to say that the Russian blue is not a royal cat? At the end of the day, the rulers in Russia believed that the cat was part of the royal lineage.

If you think about it, the fact that the cat is not a crossbreed might actually make it royalty.


6. Good Omen

If you look closely at the Russian blue cat, your eye might perceive the color as grey even though it is actually blue.

Throughout history, grey, black and cats which generally have darker coats have been considered as a bad omen. Not in Russia!

The Russian blue was actually viewed as a sign of good luck. Where did this come from? There is a story of how a Russian blue cat cured a Russian prince.

Whether the story is unfounded or true is anyone’s guess. However, we have found no evidence that this story is actually true.

So, how did this good omen come in handy? In earlier centuries, these cats were placed in birthing chambers and in the rooms where children slept.

This was a practice that was supposed to ward off any evil spirits and protect the mother



7. Nyan Cat Inspiration

For those who may not follow every trend on the internet, the Nyan cat is a cat-pop tart hybrid. This hybrid flies around the internet and leaves a trail of rainbows behind it.

The creator is Chris Torres who happened to own a Russian blue cat when he drew the sketch. Torres admitted that a large part of his inspiration came from his own Russian blue cat who was named Marty.

By the time he sketched this, it was 2011. Marty later died in 2012 and you can tell that he was the inspiration behind the feline side of the hybrid.

Nyan cat came about during a Red Cross donation drive. It became a sensation and the source of many gifs and memes.

Torres loved Marty and drew some inspiration from him. However, he also got suggestions from different people about sketching a pop tart so he ended up combining the two.


8. Extremely Clean

Have you ever wondered why cats are often licking themselves? This is actually a part of their grooming process.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why they do not like to have baths. They clean themselves periodically using their saliva.

Once it dries up, they are clean and there isn’t a lot of fur in the air. When it comes to Russian blue cats, they regularly lick themselves clean as part of the grooming process.

You can substitute this with some weekly fur brushing to remove the hair that is shed and the dead cells on the skin as well.

Russian blue cats also like to stay in a clean environment. This is extended to their litter boxes. These cats do not go to the toilet if the litter box is not clean.

It is therefore upon you to regularly clean the litter box. These little furry friends can only find an alternate litter box if you do not keep their clean.


9. Not Entirely Hypoallergenic

One common misconception when it comes to Russian blue cats is that they are entirely hypoallergenic. The truth is that they are not.

Sure, they have short fur but this does not automatically mean that they do not cause allergies. Another reason why these cats are thought to be entirely hypoallergenic is that they do not shed a lot.

Reduced shedding helps in that it reduces the level of adverse reaction. However, it does not completely eliminate this reaction.

The feline also produces low levels of Fel d1 protein. This is the protein that is contained in feline secretions causing allergic reactions.

It is important to remember that even small amounts of the protein still cause allergic reactions. If you are looking for a hypoallergenic cat, then the Russian blue is not your best option.

It has dander, secretes some Fel d1 protein in small quantities and also sheds, although in small amounts. You would still suffer some allergic reaction.



10. Enjoy Routine

One of the best qualities in children and pets is being consistent in routine. It makes it easier to manage the home.

You are never caught off-guard by a task. Instead, it allows you to prioritize so that everything on your to-do list is completed at the end of the day.

The Russian blue makes it so much easier to maintain a routine. This is because the cat also prefers to have a routine.

Whether it is waking up in the morning, welcoming you back from work in the evening or eating, everything is scheduled.

The cat will even meow to let you know its feeding time in case you forget.

With a pet routine, your life becomes so much easier. However, you must note that routine is much more flexible if you have children in the house.

It is highly unlikely that the cat will have much freedom to follow its routine, except for feeding time.


11. World’s First Cat Shows

The Russian blue cats appeared in some of the world’s first cat shows. At that time, they had just been brought into the United Kingdom from Russia.

Although the cat did not win first prize, it still made an impression on many who attended these shows.

One writer was extremely mesmerized by the Russian blue cat. He referred to the cat as extremely handsome.

This is proof that the cat became a favorite of many even if the judges did not bestow upon it the honor of being crowned first.

This is one of the reasons that it was widely domesticated afterward. It had a unique appeal. During this time, people did not know much about the Russian blue cat breed.

Therefore, the cat was looped in with other blue cats for these competitions.

Later, the cat was classified separately and stopped being bundled up with the other blue felines.


12. Friends with Dogs

From all the movies and stories that you might have read over the years, it is a common assumption that cats and dogs cannot be friends.

They are viewed as mortal enemies. However, from common household scenarios, you can tell that these two animals can actually become friends.

Not all cats and dogs are buddies. Some cannot live together in the same home. The Russian blue cat is not of this kind.

The cat is actually very friendly. This extends from humans to other animals as well. The only condition when it comes to friendship with dogs is that they have to be gentle.

As we have seen, Russian blue cats are gentle. They do not like excess activity and prefer everything in moderation.

They, therefore, prefer to have a calm and controlled environment. If your dog is calm and does not chase the cat around, the Russian blue adapts easily.



13. Healthy Cats

Every animal is prone to certain diseases associated with its breed. Whenever you are getting a pet, you need to consider some of these things.

It helps in preparing you for vet visits as well as taking care of the animal as best as you can to avoid these diseases and conditions.

Different cats are prone to various diseases. However, when it comes to the Russian blue cat, you do not have to worry about diseases and medical conditions.

This is because this cat breed is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world. This is good news for any cat owner.

One thing that you need to note is that these cats tend to overeat. It is therefore easy for them to become overweight.

You do not want an overweight Russian blue since it is the gateway to various lifestyle diseases. You are therefore tasked with regulating its food intake.


14. Easy to Train

Would you like to have a cat that can do some tricks? The Russian blue cat is a great candidate for this. You no longer have to get a dog just to train your pet to do these tricks.

With the Russian blue, it becomes increasingly easier when the tricks involve feathered toys. You can teach your cat to fetch, sit or even stand on its hind feet.

Training takes some time and some tasty treats. These treats help to positively reinforce the cat. The treats are only a factor.

The truth is that the Russian blue cat is extremely intelligent and this is what makes it easily trainable. If you get the cat as a kitten, training is even easier.

It is always simpler to train a pet from an early age than to try at a later stage.

By this time, the animal already has learned behaviors and does not have much of a reason to learn more.


15. Fur and Slender Body

Depending on the origin of an animal, you can pick out some of the features that might have come about for purposes of adaptation.

For example, if animals live in a colder environment, they could have more fur over the years and generations.

The Russian blue cat is known for its slender and relatively longer body. Its name comes from its country of origin as well as the color of its fur coat.

Although it may appear grey to some, it is actually blue in color. At some point, the fur tends to look like it has a silver shimmer towards the tips.

The reason behind this color is because the cat has a double fur coat. This was developed as a solution to the cold environment.

The Russian blue cat has always lived in relatively cold areas, especially during winter. It had to adapt to the weather so as to keep warm through all seasons.



16. Playful and Gentle

Did you know that there are pretty rough cats out there? You could be playing with a cat only to get seriously bitten or clawed.

This can be painful and even leave wounds and scars if it is a common occurrence. You can train the cat to be gentler but this will take time.

If you choose to get a Russian blue cat, you do not have to deal with such problems. Whether they are kittens or fully grown adults, the Russian blue cats are gentle even though they are playful.

This is one of the reasons why they are preferred for homes with children. The other good thing about the Russian blue cats is that they can read the mood.

They know when to play and when not to. They are also not hyperactive. This is a good trait because you are not tasked with keeping the cat entertained and occupied.


17. Prefer Quiet

The reason why many people like Russian blue cats is that they are quiet. They do not meow a lot or make a lot of noise.

In fact, they only meow when necessary and when they are trying to convey a message. Otherwise, they are pretty reserved.

For those people who do not want to be woken up in the middle of the night by incessant meowing, the Russian blue cat is the best for this.

If you have neighbors who do not like noise, then the Russian blue is a good choice since it will not disturb the peace.

Have you ever made the mistake of locking your cat outside your door? It does not even have to be the main door. It could be a bedroom door. There is clawing and meowing in protest of being left behind. You do not have to deal with any of this is you have the Russian blue cat.


18. Likes Attention

When in the history of cats, have they never liked attention? Sure, cats will ignore your advances and seem disinterested.

The minute that you choose to ignore these cats, the story quickly changes. They are all over you, trying to be in your space and asking for the same attention they once rejected.

Russian blue cats like attention. They will follow you to the toilet and bathroom but will not come anywhere near the water.

They also commonly sit on their owners’ shoulders and even travel in this position. The cat can be on your shoulders from the living room all the way to the kitchen.

One thing to remember when it comes to these cats is that they do not like too much attention. In fact, they prefer to get the same amount of attention that they mete out. Otherwise, you might end up scaring them away and cause them to draw back.



19. Enjoy Surveying from High Heights

We all know how much cats like to climb on high surfaces. You can see them in every Christmas photo at the top of the tree ruining your perfect decorations.

In fact, for most cat owners, you can either have a tree or a cat, not both. You run the risk of broken ornaments and a fallen tree if your cat is like the Russian blue.

Think about it. Most cats might actually end up climbing Christmas trees because they look like regular trees.

The Russian blue cat likes to climb on top of high surfaces and survey the environment. You know how you probably have a favorite chair and sitting position?

The Russian blue cat also does. From high ground, it is easy to see everything around. The cat can see impending danger.

Forget about the fact that there might be no danger in the house. The only way this isn’t true is if you have a zealous dog or an overactive child.

Then, the Russian blue definitely has a reason to be up there.


20. Can Be Messy

You must have definitely seen the funny cat pictures on the internet.

The owner comes home from vacation or a long day of work to find flower pots broken, glass shattered, dirt on the ground and sofas torn.

In this picture, there is a wide-eyed cat looking extremely guilty of the mess.Although the Russian blue can be timid, the cat will resort to some destructive behavior if left alone in the house.

You can comfortably leave for work knowing that the cat will entertain itself. However, be warned that this entertainment probably means some destruction while you are gone.

With the right toys and gadgets, your Russian blue may not get bored. Also, keep in mind that this will happen the first few times.

With continued conditioning, the cat will get used to you leaving for work and become better behaved.