Police dogs encounter danger in the line of duty as any police officer would. They are sworn to serve and protect as well. Some of the bravest dogs in the line of duty include:


1. Kye

Subduing a suspect can be a difficult task for police officers, especially when the assailant is armed. It takes a brave officer to engage such a suspect as their own lives are at stake during the process.

In some cases, police dogs help to protect their human partners by stepping in. Kye is considered a hero for his part in an Oklahoma takedown in 2014.

The assailant had a knife and ended up stabbing Kye. Through Kye’s efforts, one of the police officers was able to get a clear shot of the suspect ending in a fatality.

Kye was then rushed to hospital where he succumbed to the stab wounds. Kye was given a 21-hun salute and given a sendoff fit for a hero.

The burial was attended by many men in uniform and other members of different K-9 units. It was noted that his sacrifice was not in vain as he saved fellow police officers from the thief.


2. Casper

Casper was trained in bomb detection and was a SWAT patrol dog before. He has also been in the presidential detail showing how good he is at his job.

He knew that he had to take action when a robbery suspect shot at his partner, the deputy. The 4-year old dog took a bullet to the hip after he lunged in the path of the bullet before it could get to his partner.

Casper was rushed to the veterinary where he underwent emergency surgery. Thankfully, the bullet missed Casper’s vital organs.

He was taken into the vet on Friday and was already up and about on Saturday. Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office was in pursuit of 46-year old Philip O’shea who had just been involved in an armed robbery incident.

The police followed him to the corner of a parking lot after he had crashed the car he was in and opened fire on the police.


3. Jethro

Jethro was a loyal police dog who took his duty to serve and protect very seriously. He served in the Canton Police Department and was also a pet to his partner’s daughters.

Jethro was brave and loyal, which contributed to how he lost his life as he was in the line of duty. The police, alongside Jethro, responded to a burglary alert.

The suspect shot Jethro three times, that is, on the mouth, shoulder and neck. The bullets missed the vital organs but the bullet to the bridge of his muzzle eventually led to swelling in the brain.

Even after being rushed to the hospital, he eventually passed away. Even in his death, Jethro’s bravery made an impact. A GoFundMe page was started in his honor.

Through it, people gave their donations which amounted to $24k which was to be set apart towards the purchase of bullet proof vests for K-9 dogs in the area. He received a hero’s sendoff.



4. Bruno

Bruno, a German shepherd, is credited for his bravery after he saved some police officers from getting shot. Bruno was shot in the jaw with the bullet barely missing his heart.

He was rushed into surgery and survived the shooting only to die two years later from complications relating to his surgery.

Young, Bruno’s partner, and some other police officers responded to a call about a man who had been shooting at his probation officer.

Upon arrival, Bruno managed to locate the man who was hiding in a trashcan. When he opened the lid, he shot Bruno and ended up being fatally shot by another officer.

Sergeant Darren Wyatt hailed Bruno as heroic and went further to explain why. He noted that any other officer would have been shot if they opened the trashcan.

Because of his bravery, the La Palma dog park in Anaheim bears a bronze statue of Bruno.


5. Kojak

Kojak lived a long and fulfilling life in which he achieved a lot as a K-9 over his lifetime. He was nine years old when he was put down because of a brain tumor and was brave through active service.

Many people in Port Elizabeth region of South Africa were saddened by this. Gerber, Kojak’s partner, was lost for words when reached for comment. He said that the dog had been like a child to him.

This is understandable as the officer had been with the dog for quite some time. It is common for K-9’s to live with their partner while active or retired from the force.

Kojak is credited with involvement in high risk missions such as being dangled from a helicopter and airlifted into mountain ranges to look for missing hikers and dead bodies.

He completed over 650 search rescue operations during his time as a K-9.


6. Leonard

Sometimes the most likely people surprise you the most. This is the same for dogs. Leonard, a pit bull who was considered the ‘problem child’ in a shelter is now a police dog.

The two-year old pit bull became the first of his kind to be commissioned for police work in Ohio. He had been unadoptable because of his possessive behavior.

While this can be problematic in a normal home, it is actually a great quality for law enforcement dogs. Clay Township Police Chief Terry Mitchell says that he does not regret taking on Leonard one bit.

He will work all day just to get his favorite treat, a fire hose, as his reward at the end of the day. Leonard goes to show that you can use even your not-so-ideal qualities in positive ways in life.

If the qualities that made him unadoptable by families made him a police dog, anyone can use their weaknesses in one aspect of life to thrive in another area of life.



7. Mattis

Mattis is one brave German shepherd. He has suffered various injuries on duty but still continues to work hard and does his best to remain in active duty.

He is three years old and has been in Georgia serving in the Alpharetta Police Department. He also makes appearances in different social functions.

Mattis was in pursuit of some suspects back in October 2016 when he leaped off a 30-foot building and lacerated his liver and got a contusion to his lung.

He was rushed to the hospital where he was operated on and treated for heavy internal building as well. Mattis has recovered and is still very active.

He was brave enough to ensure that the suspects were apprehended at all costs, even putting his life in danger.

The suspects were eventually apprehended and credit cards, phones and numerous identity cards were found on their persons.


8. Jardo

Jardo served with the Boise Police Department in Idaho. He had undergone special training dealing with drug-related cases.

He even helped to catch a gang member during his first week on patrol which was quite impressive. He also liked to swim in the canal while he was off duty.

Jardo was a six-year Belgian Malinois when he got shot by an armed suspect in 2016. He fought bravely after being rushed to the veterinary and even managed to make some sort of recovery in just a few days.

Many dogs donated blood for Jardo during his time at the hospital. Unfortunately, Jardo died days later after his partner noticed his acting strange.

After rushing him to the vet, Jardo passed away from cardiac arrest which came about as a result of his injuries. He had been shot in the chest during the altercation with the armed suspect.


9. Kobus

Kobus served with the Omaha Police Department as a K-9. He was the first police dog to be honored with the US Honor Flag back in 2016.

Unfortunately, he died days later as he was in the line of duty, only three months before he was set to retire from active duty. Kobus was an 8-year old Belgian Malinois.

He was the first dog killed since the K-9 unit was established and it saddened many of his fellow officers. However, Kobus’ death was not in vain as he helped to save human lives during a standoff that would have most definitely ended in death either for the suspect or an officer.

The suspect was booked for a number of crimes and Kobus was instrumental in the process. Police officers had debated bringing him into the standoff beforehand.

They agreed that it was the right decision and it clearly saved people although Kobus gave his life for it.



10. Lucas

Having a partner who has your back especially when you cannot defend yourself is amazing, especially when your partner is a police dog.

Lucas showed how true this is by saving his partner’s life, Todd Frazier, Hancock County Sheriff’s Deputy who was unable to help himself during an attack in the woods.

The black Belgian police dog was able to leave the car after Todd activated the button to open his car door. Lucas then bit one of the assailants and chased the rest away.

His partner had been lured into the woods, attacked, beaten and slashed by these assailants. He would have had it much worse were it not for the dog.

In 2015, Lucas went into the history books for saving his partner when he could not do anything to help himself.

This dog acted bravely, not fearing any danger but thinking about his partner who had been attacked and injured.