The word expensive ‘solid’ elucidates and expounds one thing and that is a diamond. But what if we say there is something more expensive than diamond and it’s liquid. Well, you might not believe us but after learning these 10 liquids which weigh the most expensive liquids in the world, you’ll surely believe us. 


Human Blood - $1500 per gallon

The acquiring of human blood isn’t at all problematic since it runs in our arteries and veins. All the people in the world have their own blood and they don’t mind bestowing it. An average human does have 1.3 gallons of blood in their body which equates to 4.7 to 5.5 liters of blood containing cells and plasma.

Then how did something very common as simply as blood become the pricey liquid in the world? Actually, the secret is in its processing. When humans donate their blood, it’s not supplied as it is to the convalescent.

The longevity method of processing and storing makes the blood acquire the height of riches when it comes down to price and expensive. That means our blood is worth something between $1950 and $2250 per liter.

Black Printer Ink - $2700 per gallon

Mercury - $2966 per gallon

Chanel No. 5 - $26000 per gallon

Horseshoe crab blood - $53250 per gallon

Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) - $123,000 per gallon

King Cobra venom - $135,700 per gallon

Insulin - $13,100 per gallon

Scorpion Venom - $34,626,000 per gallon

The extremely expensive liquor in the world - $35,598,000



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