Apart from being listed in the fundamental needs of human lives, foods have its own importance on the basis of rareness and nutrition.

Most of the people over the world get food as per their finance and need. We struggle around the supermarket to acquire the nutritious food but there are also foods that are so exceptional and costly that even we are unaware of their existence.


1. Yubari King Melons - £10,000 for a Single Fruit

These expensive rare melons belong to Cucumis melo species grown in Yubari, Hokkaido, Japan. Yubari was founded as coal mining town in 1943 but the mines work was shut down during the 1980s. The city has gone through the huge economic crisis but the farming of melon has now entirely changed the scenario.

The reason for this melon higher price is because of their syrupiness. The Yubari King melon is the best gift for the summer season. They are greatly appreciated for their sweetness and ideal proportions.

The earliest melons of every year are kept at public auction where the prices go higher and higher. Recently, the best pair of these cantaloupes was sold £21,500 that is more than £10,000 for a single fruit. Generally, they are rated £40 to £80, which is an astonishing amount to spend for one melon.

It is shocking that how a person can simply spend so much of money for that round things but it happens in real nowhere other than in Japan.


2. Ayam Cemani Chicken - Not Less Than $2500 for Single Chicken

Chicken is known for cheap white flesh, consumed all over the world. It is easy to get and easiest to cook and eat. And then there is Ayam Cemani chicken which is completely opposite to regular white meat.

The black flesh of this Indonesian breed is exotic and finest. This is most exclusive poultry over the world with its remarkable black look. Not only are their feathers black but also skin, comb, flesh, organs, beak, and bones.

Though they are different in color the taste is precisely same. Ayam Cemani is dark due to dominant genetic material that results in hyperpigmentation. Indonesian people believe that this chicken has spiritual power and used them in religious work.

But it is difficult to get in America due to control to spread of avian flu. You might hesitate to take it as a meal because its price starts from $200 to $400 from unsexed to juvenile respectively. It will cost unbelievable $2,500 for fully developed chicken. It is also called “Lamborghini of poultry” due to the beauty of Ayam Cemani chickens and its expensiveness.


3. Kopi Luwak - Price $600 per Pound

The world’s most expensive coffee, Kopi luwak was started to produce from Indonesia. It is precious because of its unique technique of production. It is made from the coffee beans which are pooped by the civet cat. Civet munches cherries and digests pulp and passes the beans which are extra free amino acids.

The feces of civet is collected for making world’s best coffee. Due to exposure to different enzymes, the composition of beans changes resulting fine flavor and aroma. It is washed, dried, removal of its skin and then roasted and here comes your exotic coffee. Therefore, Kopi luwak is also named cat poop coffee and civet cat coffee as well.

It is not possible to get Kopi luwak in every stores and coffee shop. When talking about its worth, it is charged $35 to $100 for a cup in the normal coffee shop. It costs you up to $600 per pound of Kopi luwak and its intense aromatic flavor worth those dollars.



4. Almas Caviar

Caviar is used to denote the eggs of fish whereas Almas caviar is albino sturgeon’s eggs from the Black and Caspian seas.

They are extremely rare and very expensive at the same time because it is illegal to import caviar into the U.S. and many European nations due to over abuse of the sturgeon which are a sluggish growing and reproducing fish.

In addition, they are delicate to handle. Almas caviar is from uncommon albino sturgeon aged between 60 to 100 years and it is also the reason behind its incredible price.

It cost over $25,000 for a kilo of Almas packed in 24-karat gold package.


5. Golden Opulence Sundae - US$1000

An ice cream dessert may be easy to prepare because all you need is milk, sugar and some flavor, but not Golden Opulence Sundae. Plate up delectably at New Your City restaurant, Serendipity III, this sundae is to be pre-order at 48 hours in advance because the best ingredient is to be flown from all over the world. The sweetest and the rarest in the plant, Golden Opulence is not a dessert that all can buy as it will cost you $1000.

But what makes this sundae so special and expensive one in the world?

The 3 scoops of opulent Tahitian vanilla bean ice-cream permeated with Madagascar vanilla and to finish off covered with 23k edible gold leaf, this sundae may take ages to get done but can be finished off in less than a second. The Amedei Porcelana chocolate syrup covered with Chuao chocolate adds an exotic relish to the dish.

It then wreathed with Paris candied fruits, marzipan cherries, chocolate truffles and golden almonds enthralls the eyesight. In addition, the sundae is served in a glass bowl of Grand Passion Caviar infused with Armagnac, passion fruit and orange.


6. Zillion dollar Lobster Frittata- worth $1000

Going out in any real restaurant to have a lobster for dinner can cut your wallet in half, but when it’s Lobster Frittata the deal is even higher. Full of scrumptious elements like eggs, tender zucchini, rich creamy cheese, and chives, Lobster Frittata is a fascinating and delicious dish.

It may be an easy one to cook, but not all lobster frittata is stomach agitating one as that of New York Norma’s restaurant. It is no clandestine that things get pricey in New York, but at Le Parker Meridian hotel at Norma, this particular dish will cost you $1000.

What makes this dish sumptuous than the normal omelet?

When ingredients like sweet lobster, sevruga caviar, melted cheese, and tender veggies are infused together with eggs, the dish will be a one in a million to taste for.

Closely, the costly price of the dish is to cover the cost and excellence of caviar. Served over a bed of Yukon Gold potatoes by a restaurant, this dish is incredibly delicious.




7. The Glamburger-$1770

Normally, when we hear word burger the things that go around our head is a bun, fresh veggies, and a patty. But not all burgers are opulent, delicious and expensive as the one at a restaurant in Chelsea. London based an American diner-style restaurant, Honky Tonk divulged Glamburger at a price of $1770 which was certified by Record Setter as a world record.

Why is Glamburger taken as an expensive burger in the world?

One of the world’s most pricey burger created by Chef Chris Large, Glamburger is filled with 280 gram Kobe Wagyu beef, New Zealand venison and seasoned with smoked Himalayan salt. In the meat patty, there is black truffle brie, which melts down after cooked and adds a rich flavor to the dish.

Served with a saffron poached Canadian lobster, smoked duck egg, and Beluga caviar covered in an edible gold leaf is what makes the dish the surprising and expensive one.


8. Fleur Burger-$5000

If you think paying $5000 for a burger is absolute nonsense and ridiculous then why not try Fleur Burger straight from the kitchen of Chef Hubert Keller. Welcomed from Las Vegas, Nevada the dish looks finely gorgeous and tastes even great.

Why has the Fleur Burger portrayed an expensive image?

There is no secret behind a pricey appearance of Fleur Burger except for its earthy and oozing flavors that just meltdown in a bite. The perfect replication of wild and comfort, Fleur burger is simply a Wagyu beef burger (Wagyu beef patty, rich butter layered on a baked brioche bun) topped with truffles and slabs of foie gras. And what can go any wrong when you have a perfect pair as a bottle of 1995 Chateau Petrus, which is served with a Fleur Burger.


9. Posh Pie

The scrumptious Pie may be the perfect dish to end your Thanksgiving feast, but if it’s Posh Pie your heart will crush out to see all your savings come to an end for this very particular pie. The best and the delicious pie from The Lord Dudley Hotel in Paddington is the most expensive pie in the world?

Why is Posh Pie recognized as expensive pie in the world?

A striking creation of Chef Paul Medcalf, Posh pie is an old-style Aussie meat pie with a rich comforting sauce that will seriously turn your head around. A perfect meal for the day, this affluent ‘Surf and Turf’ pie, is packed with Australian flavors, rock lobster, premium beef and winter black truffles.

Served with a bottle of Penfolds Grange Reserve, the dish is perfect together and which is why it is considered to have an image larger than its name.



10. Louis XIII Pizza-$12,000

It’s obvious that everybody loves eating pizza and most of the people order pizza from restaurant or hotel. But can you afford Louis XIII Pizza, well only if you are a billionaire because you don’t have to visit the restaurant, the chef and sous-chef visit your home with all required ingredients and oven-baked for you. All you need is cash. So just run and get a home in Italy, because this spectacular offer is only available in Italy.

What cost the dish a million dollar rupees?

The quality and the beautiful exotic ingredients like Mozarella di bufala, caviar, lobster, pink salt and squilla mantis goes on this very specific dish.  Served in an exceptional cutlery, the Cognac wine that goes with the pizza is a package deal which makes the dish so amazing and expensive. An all-day hard exertion that goes on while making Louis XIII is what makes this dish special from ordinary pizzas.


11. The Frozen Haute Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae-$25,000

Known as one of the most expensive desserts in the world by Guinness World Record, The Frozen Haute Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae is the gentle and mouth-watering treat for the dessert lovers. A rich combination of 28 cocoas decked with edible gold in a glass is an artistic masterpiece.

What makes The Frozen Haute Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae pricey compared to rest of the desserts?

The legendary charms of 24 carat gold with frozen milk, whipped cream, and rich cocoas, embellished with La Madeline au Truffe from France and Swiss gold is what makes the dish an expensive one in the world. The chef is not done here, to add an element of mystery; it is served in a goblet surrounded with gold crown and spoon of gold. So if you want the dish right in front of your eye, you have to preplan because the chef prepares the dish on order.



12. Faberge Chocolate Pudding-$34,500

Not everything in the world can be bought with money but to get your hands on this particular dish, you surely got to be a billionaire. An enormously fancy chocolate pudding from Chef Marc Guilbert of Lindenth Howe Country House Hotel is great to see and taste and only the lucky can have a whole of it.

What makes this chocolate pudding the exceptional one?

England is the likely place to be home for this gorgeous pudding. A perfect blend of 4 Belgian variety chocolate flavored with orange, whiskey flavored Belgian, peach is what so pleasing about this dish. An addition of edible gold leaf and champagne & strawberry caviars has added more relish to the dish. Over the top of the dessert, there is an inedible diamond which adds glamor to the dish which is not just a lavish dessert but a lifetime experience.



13. English Wagyu Beef Pie

$15900 is a lot of money for a commoner, it could mean paying rent or tuition fees. But it’s an exact amount that you need in your wallet to get your hands on this dish. The magnificent and the gorgeous look can captivate the eyes of the customer.

Why is this dish costly as compare to the rest of the pies?

The ingredients for English Wagyu Beef includes precious French bluefoot mushrooms, winter black truffles, Chinese matsutake mushrooms and a meat pie of Japanese Wagyu beef fillet.

The rich and glossy gravy is made from two bottles of vintage 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine embraces the whole dish and warms the diner. The pastry topped with gold leaf adds a charm to the dish and makes the dish an expensive one in the whole world.