Apart from being listed in the fundamental needs of human lives, foods have its own importance on the basis of rareness and nutrition.

Most of the people over the world get food as per their finance and need. We struggle around the supermarket to acquire the nutritious food but there are also foods that are so exceptional and costly that even we are unaware of their existence.


Yubari King Melons - £10,000 for a Single Fruit

Ayam Cemani Chicken - Not Less Than $2500 for Single Chicken

Kopi Luwak - Price $600 per Pound

Almas Caviar

Golden Opulence Sundae - US$1000

Zillion dollar Lobster Frittata- worth $1000

The Glamburger-$1770

Fleur Burger-$5000

Posh Pie

Louis XIII Pizza-$12,000

The Frozen Haute Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae-$25,000

Faberge Chocolate Pudding-$34,500

English Wagyu Beef Pie



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