If you are planning to buy the most expensive dog breeds in the world. You must have a clear understanding of its looks, genes, and characteristics.

Here in this post, we will discuss some of the important qualities of what these dogs are highly expensive. Since ancient time, Human and dogs are connected with extraordinary bonding. Dogs are even considered as the best friends, caretaker, security, and guard for the property.

I believe every dog breeds has its unique benefits and qualities. Some dogs are expensive whereas some are too much expensive that goes beyond the paying capacity of ordinary people. So, still, people are paying millions of dollars to buy a dog making a big hole in their pocket.

People nowadays are getting more attracted towards buying their favorite pets. In this scenario, I hope the demand and price will rise more in 2018 and coming years.

I hope the information I have shared will definitely help you to find out “Top 10 most expensive dog breeds” and also will guide your next purchase.


Tibetan Mastiffs - $7,000 Approx ( Qingdao bought Tibetan mastiff for $2 million)

Lowchens - $10,000 Approx

Samoyed - $8,000 Approx

Pharaoh Hound - $6,500 Approx

Rottweiler - $6,000 Approx

Akita - $4,500 Approx

Azawakh - $3,000 Approx

Peruvian Inca Orchid - $3,000 Approx

Saluki - $2,500 Approx

Czechoslovakian Vlcak - $(1,000 to 3,000 Approx)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - $ 2,000 Approx

Canadian Eskimo Dog - $6,000 Approx

English Bulldog - $3,000 Approx

German Shepherd - $6,500 Approx

Cane Corso - $4,000 Approx

Landseer - $2,000 Approx

Portuguese water Dog - $2,500 Approx

Dogo Argentino - $3,900 Approx

Bearded Collie - $2,000 Approx

Spinone Italiano - $6,000 Approx



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