Who you think is the most dangerous animals in the world? You might think it’s a lion, tiger or some other snakes. Somehow you are right but you will be shocked knowing these beautiful animals which are on our danger list.

Nature is beautiful as well as terrifying. You haven’t even encountered some of these scariest animals. Even the smallest creature has greater killer instinct compare to big one. Let’s find out the most dangerous creature on the planet Earth.


Human being - Almost 150 million to 1 Billion People are dead because of war till date.

Mosquito - A major source of Fatal disease like yellow fever, dengue fever, malaria.

Tsetse Fly - A major reason behind African sleeping sickness.

Saltwater crocodile - Most Aggressive and largest Reptiles in the World

Black mamba - Fastest and deadliest venomous snake possessing neurotoxic and cardio toxin venom.

Pufferfish - The second most poisonous vertebra on the planet

Box Jellyfish - One stings from Box Jellyfish can kill a person within 4 minutes.

Golden Poison Dart Frog - Golden Dart Frog Poison’s called batrachotoxin can kill 20,000 mice, or 100 adult human.

Cone Snail - If this snail bites, you only have time to smoke a cigarette.

Cape Buffalo - For its aggressive behavior, they are known as Black Death



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