Do you remember watching movies of superheroes defending the bad villains with their incredible powers?  Don't deny we know you wanted those superpowers under your control at some point in your life. It is sad though we never can get those enhancing magical strength but have you heard about mental illness brining superhuman brain powers to you.

Okay, we admit mental illness is not what you want as it has unbelievable amount of negative disgrace.  People with mental diseases are mocked and are hardly accepted by society. But as they say, Karma never fails to surprise us having a mental disease is a matter of envy for many of us.

When the focus is on the positive aspect of mental illness you will forget about the negative things people told you. Here are some of the incredible powers people with mental disorder are likely to possess. Some of them are worth dying for, read till the end to find out which.


1. Psychotic disorder

There is a prove made that people having the psychotic disorder are exceptionally brilliant in mathematics. The research made by Reykjavik University concluded their research stating that the student best in math was suffering from the psychotic disorder.

Those brilliance, who scored highest on math, were later hospitalized with the symptoms of psychosis. With much exercise of their brain because of the math solutions they got sick head and had bonafide schizophrenia.


2. Bi-polar disorder

Bi-polar disorder in other word is also called manic-depressive. The bi-polar disease makes you feel high empathy, resilience, and spirituality. Due to heightened empathy, you get the power to feel the pain of others.

You can see the world and things around you in a realistic way. When something sour happens this disease will help you make lemonade out of it, okay we mean it makes easy to cop things out. As bi-polar amplify your spiritual feeling you also will be more successful in spiritual healing quickly.

The sense of smell is also increasingly active. The other symptom is hypersensitive and hypersensitivity also regarding smell. They can recall the surrounding and feel the experience when the smell same thing in a whole new place and time.


3. Hypomania

Hypomania is a similar version of mania, which marks the time where you feel great excitement and over-activeness. Both of this makes you experience mood swings, make you over-energized and hyperactive at a certain point but lose much of your sleep. However, you will ever feel the lack of sleep and always be filled with full energy.

For us it makes us lose most of our energy without some hours of sleep but people with hypomania is always on serve. And it obviously is a superhuman energy that actually lasts quite a while. It is said that this can be felt for more than a week, Ta-da you have a superhuman power.  



4. Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a certain disorder where a person doesn't have the control over his sleep-wake cycles. It may seem normal to you but if you have an imbalance in sleeping you are superhuman now. Well, it goes this way, when all the kids these days are so much into an addiction you will be immune to it.

Not much of a miracle but a lot good to your parents to hear this. So the next time if anyone complains about your sleeping habits you can easily defend yourself. And the plus point is that this disease is mostly hereditary, hmmm so as you know this none of your parents can mess with you now. 


5. Depression

Depression can make you creative. It is said that people working in a creative field are very much prone to depression. A depressed mind has the power to interpret something in a very powerful and productive way. They can see a thing in a very different way than any other.

This symptom can be specially found in writers, painters, and artists. They portray their feelings in the form of art and show the world a new and creative thing which was never seen before. We can get an example from Charles Dickens, he found depression letting it flow in the form of writing.

Dealing with depression Charles Dickens became the most famous author who wrote great arts. The main reason creative people suffer from depression because they are super sensitive and special. So if you are suffering from depression find the charm and magic inside you rather be depressed. 


6. Anxiety

Have you being lately worrying about something that you have heard another saying is not a big deal. You get endlessly obsessed and feared about infinite possible horrifying future. It is not good for sure but this kind of thinking magically pushes your brain for new connections.

The high level of anxiety leads to high level of IQ. As per a research, the anxiety is profoundly linked to high verbal skills. It is also said that people having this disorder have more empathy. Their verbal skills and emotional intelligence are high too.

 As being anxious they have to remember all the emotions and fears that make them sharp in recalling and critical thinking skills.



7. Amnesia

Amnesia is a state of mind where you forget all of your past memories and events. There are thousands of people who suffer from memory loss.  This disorder can be caused by brain damage, accident, psychological trauma, or diseases.

The disease is quite scary as but it is proven that people suffering from amnesia can still recall who they are.  The uniqueness about it is the patients develop a different comfort level with fear. They don’t fear most of the things which is a very much challenging topic of study for scientists and doctors.

There is a belief that as amnesia is directly or indirectly cause by brain trauma it creates to waves or pulses in the brain. This action cause victim not to feel any fear.


8. OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Everyone wants to learn quicker, in a memorizing study among people with anxiety and OCD the OCD learned faster. Having the Obsessive-compulsive disorder will help you recall words more fast and accurate than other people.

Memory hording is the specific name given to this intelligence. This kind of unique hording is only found in people having OCD. It is because the people having this disorder biologically give more attention to precise details of their memories.

People with DID dissociates also tend to think them as someone else having no memory while having this problem. They even avoid painful feelings as the brain tricks them to ignore physical pain too. 


9. Dissociative Identity Disorder

Did you know dissociative identity disorder can make you feel no pain at all? Your brain is flushed with the bad experiences and it gives you a whole new identity. It should not be considered as a mental illness however it is said so because it often takes the identity of the person at a time.

People with DID dissociates also tend to think them as someone else having no memory while having this problem. They even avoid painful feelings as the brain tricks them to ignore physical pain too. You may also lose some memories while you are going through this mental vacation.



10. Autism

Autism is a particular disorder which is characterized by communication difficulties, social interaction challenges, and even affinity to get involved in repetitive behaviors. People having autism are classified as savants. They absolutely have an amazing capability in particular things like music or art.

They can have large number adding power or high memorizing skill. They can remember almost everything they have learned in past weeks or months. The people working in fields like engineering, science, and other technical filed have this syndrome.

So these are the mental illnesses and the superhuman powers that it develops in your brain. The power is definitely worth having but the illness should possibly be tried to remove as soon as possible.